The registration to the 35th edition of Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia is open

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  • 25 de maig de 2018
De izquierda a derecha: Jorge Hermosilla, Diana Morant y Emili Aura. Foto: Àlex Oltra.
De izquierda a derecha: Jorge Hermosilla, Diana Morant y Emili Aura. Foto: Àlex Oltra.

The 35th edition of the Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia (UEG) of the Universitat de València will take place from 12 to 20 July. There are 11 courses and 8 workshops. The registration is open from 25 May to 9 July. The programme of activities is, as usual, offered to the general public.

The registration is open to all UEG courses and workshops in the following link: 

The courses have a varied theme and last for 8 or 10 hours. They are organised departing from the motto of this edition: A caballo entre dos siglos.

The courses can be divided in different sections. The first one is linked to medicine and Sciences, like the course on human reproduction organised by Antonio Pellicer, the director of IVI; or the course on Neanderthals in which some of the current main researchers of the Evolutionary Theory and Palaeontology will participate. Another section will regard Communication and Social Sciences. There will be a course on Journalism in the 21st Century, in which the journalists Jesús Maraña, Lola Bañón and Esther Palomera will participate. Another course will be on Democracy and the constitutional state, in which the former spokesmen of Jueces para la Democracia, Joaquim Bosch, and the journalist Elisa Beni will participate. The 3rd section of courses is formed by those dealing with Heritage. Among these courses, there is one on “Photography, Memory and Heritage”.

Summer for women
In addition, this edition of UEG has two newness. First of all, the organisation of “El verano de las mujeres” of UEG is promoted by the Office of the Vice-principal for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability of the Universitat de València and include three proposals: a course on the role of feminism in the changes that are currently occurring in our society, led by the professor Isabel Morant; and two workshops. The first one analysis the role of a group of women in el Cabanyal and the second one is a seminar on politics and feminism taught by the historian of feminism, Lidia Falcón. The second newness implies the return to the UEG of the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua. It organises a courses on the Valencian classics and a seminar on Francesc Ferrer i Pastor on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of his birth.

Apart from the previous workshops, there will be others related to jazz, cinema, binding, education and Buddhist mindfulness. The latter will be taught by the Buddhist master Francisco Fernández Villalba, also known as Villalba.

Open activities
The Summer University programme is fulfilled with a programme of activities opened to the citizenship. The first one will be the inaugural conference given by Anna Noguera, member of the Valencian Council of Culture. It will be celebrated on 12 July at the Jardín de la Casa de la Marquesa. On Monday 16, the journalist Rosa María Calaf will address “Contando el mundo en femenino”. On Tuesday 17, the panel of discussion “Revolución digital o involución intelectual” will take place. The journalists Lola Bañón, Jesús Maraña and Esther Palomera will join it. On Wednesday 18, the sociologist Ignacio Sánchez Cuenca will address “Que habrá detrás de la democracia” and on Thursday 19, the magistrate and former spokesman of Jueces para la Democracia will speak about the retrogression of freedoms. The last panel of discussion of this edition will be organised by Càtedra Cucó. She will analyse the Catalan conflict alongside with Antoni Puigvert. All conferences will take place at 8 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of Casa de la Marquesa.

Then, music and theatre activities will be transferred to the garden at 10:30 p.m. Activities will start on Thursday 12. The Erasmus Scene will present the play La Gran Final. On Friday 13 Scientific monologues are programmed. Music will be the protagonist in the following week. On Monday 16, the singer Cristina Blasco will honour Chavela Vargas and Benimaclet Big Band will do the same on Tuesday 17. On Wednesday 18, The Red Velvets will be in charge of interpreting old swing and jazz classics. Jòvens will play on Thursday 19. They are specialists in interpreting, but in this case, Valencian traditional music. The last play will be on Friday 20 by That Old Feeling. They are a jazz quintet that offers a male voice (Òscar Briz).

Institutional support
This edition of the Summer School has been presented on Friday 25 of May by the Vice-principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, Jorge Hermosilla; the Director of the International Centre of Gandia of the Universitat de València, J. Emili Aura; and the Mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant.  The Vice-principal, Jorge Hermosilla, has highlighted the solvency of UEG as “Dean of the Valencian summer universities, which is a result of the mutual understanding of the organizing institutions”. In addition, the Vice-Principal has announced that the Provincial Council will sponsor UEG again. He emphasised the importance of creating women studies. 

Morant indicated that UEG is an “essential appointment to all people who have an open mind and want to exchange ideas”. The Summer University is one of those academic proposals that honour our city. Diana Morant has praised the themes chosen for the courses and the open activities because “they actually concern our society”. She also lauded the inaugural speaker of the conference “because he has a perfect academic career committed to feminism, solidarity and culture.” J. Emili Aura justified the motto of this edition: “this edition’s motto is A caballo entre dos siglos because it is a turning point between the 20th and the 21st centuries. It offers us a chance to analyse the present from the perspective of the past and work to build the future.”

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