Press Office

The Press Office informs the media about the activities generated by the Universitat de València which may be newsworthy. It is at the service of all the students, professors, administrative and service staff and heads of departments, centres, associations, foundations of the UV.

The results of the researches carried out inside the institution, the academic, cultural and civic acts organised by the students and the teaching staff and the institutional information generated by the UV are transferred every day to more than one hundred media (press, radio, television, agencies and Internet). After that, the Office analyses and documents the information published by the media and makes it public in  the UV at the press

The Press Office also informs directly thousands of people who are friends or followers of the Universitat de València in the most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter). The institution has also a YouTube channel and an image distribution service in Flickr.
The journalists of the Universitat de València update constantly the information part of the institution’s website.

The Press office puts journalists in touch with experts of the Universitat de València to be consulted by the journalists of the media or to participate in radio or television programmes.

The Universitat de València has a TV channel on the Internet (MediaUni) and an Internet radio station (RàdioUniversitat), with regular programmes that broadcast the information of the institution and which include entertainment, music, culture...

 The Press Office, finally, coordinates the mass email sending (llista zero), with institutional information for the entire university community.