The XXV Mostra art públic / universitat pública opens on 3rd October in Burjassot

  • Information and Promotion Service for Students - Blasco Ibáñez
  • September 29th, 2022
Art públic / universitat pública Image

This Monday, 3rd October, the XXV Mostra art públic / universitat pública (18th Exhibition Public Art / Public University)opens on the Burjassot Campus, an initiative that will also be held on the Blasco Ibáñez campus on 21st October. This year, the Mostra celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary and continues with the spirit of transforming the university environment, a space for teaching and research, into a place for artistic intervention open to the university community and society.

The opening will be at 12:00, at the Faculty of Pharmacy, on the Burjassot Campus, where the Mostra will be active from 3rd to 28th October. On this campus you can visit the works of Laura Salguero, David Cantarero Tomás, Eduardo Lamparero (sue975), María Tena Torres, Cachito Vallés and Miquel Ponce. In addition, on the Blasco Ibáñez campus, from 21st October to 18th November, the works of Monica Mura, Cris Bartual, Lucía Blas, Escif + brilloysabor, María Esteve and Javier R. Pérez-Curiel will be on display.

The Mostra, curated by Alba Braza, has selected these twelve proposals, specifically designed for the spaces in which they intervene, with the aim of bringing the university community into contact with its surroundings and turning the works into triggers for other transversal knowledge.

In parallel, Sabers tentaculars, an artistic mediation project aimed at university students, will explore the relationships between the disciplines present in contemporary art. Led by the curator of the Mostra, the students who register will be given a guided tour and will form a group to exchange impressions and knowledge about contemporary art, in general, and the works and artists of the Mostra, in particular. Registration is free and is now open.

The Mostra art públic / universitat pública is a call of the Universitat de València promoted by the Delegate for Students, organised by the SeDi Information and Promotion Service and with the collaboration of the Office of the Vice-Principal for Studies and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society, as well as the services and staff of the campuses.