Writer Bárbara Blasco presents her book ‘Dicen los síntomas’, winner of the Tusquets Award 2020, at La Nau of the University

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • April 20th, 2021
Bárbara Blasco.
Bárbara Blasco.

The Literature Society programme of the University of Valencia is back next Thursday 22nd April, at 6 pm. It does so with a meeting in the Aula Magna of La Nau Cultural Centre with the journalist and writer Bárbara Blasco, who will present her new book ‘Dicen los síntomas’, winner of the Tusquets Editors Prize for novels 2020. The event will be presented and moderated by Cristina García Pascual, head of the Literature Society.

At the conference Bárbara Blasco will talk about Virgina, the main character of her novel ‘Dicen los síntomas’, who deals with aspects such as family ties, ilness, loneliness and love while caring for her sick father in hospital. These themes interwine to create a disturbingly written novel and an excellent generational portrait with an unexpected ending. ‘Some would consider Virginia a hypochondriac, but she is just interested in illness as a way of understanding the world’, the author explains.

Confirmation of attendance at the conference will be required, so please is register via this link. The conferenses can be viewed later on the MediaUni Channel and La Nau Cultural Centre Youtube Channel.

Journalism and literature

As a writer, Bárara Blasco has already several published works. Among them ‘Dicen los síntomas’ (2020), winner of the Tusquets Editors Price for novels 2020, stands out, but also ‘Suerte’ (2015) and ‘La memoria del alambre’ (2018) with Contrabando publishing house. Regarding journalism, the author usually collaborates with Valencia Plaza and teaches at the Creative Writing Workshop of Fuentetaja and at the Exhibition Library. The writer has also studied film directing at the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, and film scriptwriting at the Escuela de Cine de San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. These studies add to her degree in Journalism.

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