Work placements in Chemistry mean a quarter of recruitments of the degree

  • Fundació General UV
  • November 22nd, 2022

It appears from the analysis of the Universitat de València degrees insertion study, published on 2022, that the 25.8% of the Chemistry students who did the work placements during their degree was hired by the same company or by other related to it. In addition, the work activity rate has reached the 88.7%.

Although it is true that the employment rate is below the university average (a 78.9% compared to the global 85.4% of the UV), Chemistry is a degree that provides a high quality employment -related to the degree and that requires university studies- in the 62.7% of the cases, a figure which corresponds to the average of the UV (61.9%).


Other interesting statistics are:

- the employment status: the 78.5% hold Technician roles or manage groups of people, 14 points higher than the percentage of the UV (64.5%),

- the type of working day: the 75.4% has a full-time employment, 11.6 points higher than the UV average,

- the geographical location: the 77.6% works in the province of Valencia, 9.7 points higher than the UV average,

- the ownership of enterprises: the 29.9% is working on the public sector, whereas the 70.1% works on the private sector,

- economic sectors: Education and research (28.4%), Chemical industries (16.4%), Health and social work (4.5%), Environmental industries (4.5%), Public administration (4.5%), Food products (4.5%)...

- and the most common career opportunities related with the degree are researcher, professor, laboratory technician, quality control, responsible for food safety and chemical analyst.


María Alcañiz, graduated in Chemistry by the Universitat de València, is a laboratory analyst in a private company. She tells us her experience as a student and professional in the next chapter of ‘Treballem. De la Universitat al món laboral’. (‘We work. From the Universitat to the labour market”).

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