Wide programming of open activities at the 34th Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia, which will be inaugurated by Sami Naïr

  • July 5th, 2017
Joan Muñoz, Laura Morant and J.Emili Aura

The programme of open activities of the 34th Universitat d’Estiu de Gandia, which will take place from 17 to 21 July under the slogan ‘Temps incerts’, has been presented in a press conference on Wednesday. The director of CG-UV, J.Emili Aura, and the responsibles of Education -Laura Morant- and Culture -Joan Muñoz- have published the activities.

The open ceremony will be on Monday 17 July at 20:00. Sami Naïr, French political expert of international prestige, will be in charge of giving the inaugural conference whose title will be ‘What kind of crisis does Europe suffer?’. Sami Naïr is also philosopher and sociologist, expert on migrant movements. He is one of the most outstanding voices of progressivism in Europe, and one of the most critical voices.

The conference cycle will continue on Tuesday 18 with the round table ‘How to plan the Nature conservation on the 21st century?’, co-ordinated by Joan Mayol, Head of Service for the protection of species of the Government of Islas Baleares. On Wednesday 19, it will be the member of the Parliament Iñigo Errejón who will give the conference ‘Stop or half way. The political change process in Spain’. On Thursday 20, Pablo Simón, editor of Politikon, will speak about ‘The trajectory of the legislature: assessment and perspective of the Spanish multi-party system’.

The conferences will end on Friday 21 with the participation of Empar Marco, director of the Valencian Corporation of the Media. She will speak about ‘The integrated edition: quality journalism in the new news programme of the Valencian RTVV-Web’. All the conferences will take place at 20:00 in the Assembly Hall of Casa de la Marquesa.

When it comes to night activities, they will start some days before of the official inauguration since the performance of ‘La Fira Invisible’ by Escena Erasmus, the theatre company of the Universitat de València made up by Eras students, is planned for Thursday 13 July. The night activities will restart on Tuesday 18 with the concert of Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés. They will present their first album: ‘45 cerebros y un corazón’ which make them become the authentic 2016 music stand-out. On Wednesday 19 it will be the turn of Mireia Vives and Borja Penalba, two young Valencian musicians carrying a long and important trajectory in many groups and styles.

On Thursday 20 the cinema will be the protagonist with the projection of ‘Mi tío’ directed by the French Jacques Tati. However, the central activity of this edition will take place the last day. It is the performance of the singer-songwriter Paco Ibáñez, who will present his last work ‘En tiempos de ignominia’. It should be note that this year all the activities are free except from the concert of Paco Ibañez. Tickets, which cost 10€, can be bought at La Casa de la Marquesa or in the website www.instanticket.es.

The enrolment to courses and workshops of the 34th UEG remains open until next week.