The Welcome for Equality Project concludes with conference on coeducation and against gender violence

  • Press Office
  • October 16th, 2018
Archive image of students of the University
Archive image of students of the University

The title of the conference, which will take place today at 17:45 in the Paranimf of La Nau Cultural Centre, is “Coeducation: working towards a Gender Violence Free University”. This is the last event of the project “Welcome to the University of Valencia for Equality”, which has been on since September of 2018.

This conference is focused on coeducation, a key tool in the work towards equality in a university environment as well as in the sensitizing of university students in gender violence and harassment. It is intended to show coeducation as an ideal instrument in the fight for gender equality in the classroom, which is why the conferences have experts in the field such as Kika Fumero, Mercedes Sánchez Vico, Rosa Sanchis, Noemí Canelles, Sandra Molines and Paqui Méndez.

The opening conference is led by Kika Fumero, professor and co-educator, specialist in LGBT, gender violence and equality and researcher and writer. She is co-author of the book “Escuelas libres de violencias machistas” (Gender violence free schools). She teaches in the Master on Gender Studies and Equality Policies, Master in Abuse and Gender Violence and Master in Law, Economics and Politics of the European Union.) She also founded the project Coeducative-LGBT Observatory, an online national platform designed and thought of so that every part of the educative community (families, students and faculty) finds a safe environment free of gender violence.

After her talk, it is predicted there will be a round table with the participation of Mercedes Sánchez Vico, Rosa Sanchis and Noemí Canelles.

Mercedes Sánchez Vico will present the talk: "Equality can also be learned. Equality project through image". She is a secondary school teacher, head of Languages Department in Eduardo Janeiro de Fuengirola and resposible of the Equality Plan. She created the subject Educative Project of Gender Equality nine years ago, which she currently coordinates. Currently she is developing "The women educators", an audiovisual project which gives visibility to the task of 15 women which work in coeducation. She has received several awards and recognisions throughout her career.

Rosa Sanchis Caudet will give the presentation ‘Karícies cpeducatives’. She is a Catalan teacher in the Isabel de Villena high school in Valencia, and she gives sexual-affective education lessons to high school students and training courses for teachers. She has written some essays on sexual-affective education: Sexualidad y adolescencia (Rialla, 2005); Què tinc ací baix? (Bullent, 2005); Tot per amor? Una experiència educativa contra la violència a la dona (the 2005 Pedagogia Rosa Sensat Award and the Melchor Botella de Renovació Pedagògica Award); and (the 2010 Enric Soler i Godes Award). She has also wirtten two young adult novels: Abril no és un mes (Tàndem, 2008), about sexuality in young people and women empowerment; and Primavera per a Palmer (Tàndem, 2008), about masculinity and bullying.

She has been working on sexual education for ten years through her blog Karícies (, where texts and languages close to teenage popular culture such as songs, series, films, and social networks events. She is also part of a mediating team at her workplace, and is running the Stop Diverfòbiga group, with fortnightly meetings with the objective of fighting against gender intolerance and celebrating diversity. She also organises the Vesprada Diversa each year, an event where former students and people from the LGBTI community share their experiences with students. Together with Xaro Atable, she has written a guide for sexual education for the Valencian Department of Education: Els nostres cossos, els nostres drets (Catalan for “Our bodies, our rights”).

Noemí Canelles will be the last to speak with her presentation Què hem après dels projectes de coeducació. She has background on Sociology and works as a social worker, and her professional career has been half way between social and educational intervention and researches on violence, gender and culture in teenagers. Her research work has focused particularly on teenager’s culture and violence at national level, and she has done some international projects as well.

She has been working on the impact evaluation of prevention projects lately. These projects are pilot projects that need evaluation as a tool for understanding the results obtained, making projects to be replicable, and improving the methodology. After this work, she started a collaboration with Fil a l’Agulla, a cooperative founded in 2009 for a group of women that works in education, organisational development, and therapy. Her work with Fil a l’Agulla consists of evaluating projects on coeducation, awareness of diversity, and bullying prevention. She also works in Investigació Acció Participativa with teachers, families and students to explore racism, discriminations in schools; and interventions of facilitation and training with the education community.

The conference will be hosted and moderated by Paqui Méndez and Sandra Molines, two members of the Valencian Association for Coeducation. The event is free, but it is limited to the capacity of the location.