The Valencian pilota course of the Universitat de València ends with a Màdel tournament on Thursday

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  • April 26th, 2022
imatge d'una partida.
imatge d'una partida.

After two academic courses with difficulties due to COVID-19, this year has been very satisfactory for Valencian pilota and it proceeded almost normally. During this course, 3 internal competitions have taken place, with a a great number of participants in the various categories: frontball, individual ‘4 y medio’ frontó and individual ‘4 y medio’ frontó with ‘bola gorda’ (fat ball).

In addition, the pilota team renewed its CAEU (University Sport Autonomic Championship) in Petrer on the 31st of March, winning every category. Moreover, on the 17th of March, they got the third position competing among 17 universities in the International University tournament of Zabalki Basque ball in Pamplona.

In addition to the usual free practice at the Blasco de Ibáñez frontó (playing court), the only thing left to do is to play the 2nd University Paddle Tennis Tournament to complete the 2021-2022 academic year.

On this occasion, the competition will be against the Universitat Politècnica de València. For this reason, the tournament will take place at the paddle tennis court of the Sports Campus at the UPV next Thursday, between 16:30h and 20:30h. 

The tournament will be open to all the University Community from both universities and the registration is free by sending an email to before Wednesday the 27th at 12h.

There will be two categories: second category for beginners; and first category, for all those with some experience in pilota and/or màdel.

The teams will be formed in pairs that can be female, male or mixed. Depending on the number of registrants there will be either knockout stages or reduced groups in the first phase, and knockout stages in the following phases.

The official màdel ball will be used, since hand-protection is not necessary. You can consult the rules of the game in the following link:

Give màdel a go, give Valencian pilota a go!

You can find all the information regarding màdel on

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