The UV pays homage to the pioneer women in the government and management today

  • May 23rd, 2017
Dones pioneres

Today Tuesday, 23 May, an act of homage will take place at 18:30h in the Paranymph of the Universitat. This event is addressed to the pioneer women in the UV government: general government positions (vice-principals, general secretaries) and general management positions (vice-assistant managers). Furthermore, the first university administrators and pioneer women in university services will also receive a well-deserved tribute.

This homage is the second part of the event that took place in the previous academic year. It was the result of a study ordered by the Equality Unit and carried out by the full university professor of Modern History, Isabel Morant, to identify the pioneer academic women in the access to the government and the university academic management. Moreover, it has been included for the first time the Administration and Service community.

The Equality Unit carries out annually acts allocated to the recovery of the historic memory of women whose work and effort contributed to make our university institution grow until becoming what it is today. In the previous event participated 56 women, who were deans, vice-deans, secretaries and vice-secretaries of each one of the faculties and schools of the UV.

But, this year 40 women will be honoured. They are the pioneer in the University Administration such as Rosa Llorca, Concepción Muñoz, Julia Barceló, Eva Solaz, Elena Llueca, Asunción Dobón, Rosa Marín, Pilar Sancho, Beatriz Aguirre or Charo Domingo, among others. It will also pay homage to the pioneers in the direction of the university management and services such as Esther Escolano, Carmen Tomás, Teresa Bondia, Luz Barrio, Nieves Soro, Charo Álvarez, Soledat Rubio or Amparo Mañés, among others.

Finally, the pioneers of the UV government, the vice-principals, will also be honoured. For example,  Isabel Morant, who was the first one followed by Maria Josep Cuenca, Dulce Contreras, Rosa Moliner, Matilde Fernández and many other.

The UV has the aim of recognising the work and commitment of these women who have been the pioneers in the university government and management through this ceremony.