The UV grants on Thursday its Medal to the writer, translator and anthropologist Joan Francesc Mira

  • December 1st, 2016
Imatge Joan Francesc Mira

The UV grants on Thursday 1 December its Medal to the writer, translator and anthropologist Joan Francesc Mira. The academic act will start at 11:00 in the Paranimf of the historical building of La Nau. During the event they will participate the principal, Esteban Morcillo, and the full university professor Josepa Cucó, who will read the ‘laudatio’.

Joan Francesc Mira (Valencia, 1939) is bachelor in Philosophy by the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome, graduate by the Lateranense and graduate and doctor by the UV. He collaborated with Claude Lévi-Strauss in Paris (Collège de France, Sorbonne) and with the International Committee of Social Sciences, Vienna Centre. He has been Visiting Fellow in Princeton University, full university professor of institute and Greek professor in the universities of Valencia and Jaume I.

Joan F. Mira founded and directed the Valencian Institute of Sociology and Social Anthropology and the Ethnology Museum of Valencia. He is also member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Area of Philosophy and Social Sciences) and he is also part of the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua.

He is author of more than 40 books, which include wide areas such as social sciences, essays, novels or the translation of classical texts such as the ‘Divine Comedy’ or the ‘Odyssey’. Some of his novels are ‘Els treballs perduts’, ‘Borja Papa’, ‘Purgatori’ or ‘El professor d’història’. Among his essays, we can find ‘Crítica de la nació pura’, ‘Cultures, llengües, nacions’, ‘Hèrcules i l’antropòleg’, ‘Sobre ídols i tribus’ or ‘En un món fet de nacions’. He also wrote different collections of articles and about a hundred of academic publications.

Among other honours, he received the Lletra d’Or Prize, the Creu de Sant Jordi Award and the National Prize of Translation, different National Prizes of the critics and the Gold Medal of the City of Florence. He was Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (Catalan Literary Lifetime Achievement Award) in 2004 and Premi de les Lletres Valencianes in 2016.