The UV grants on Friday its Medal to the pulmonologist Julio Marín

  • November 25th, 2016
Julio Marín

The UV grants on Friday, 25 November, its Medal to the full university professor of pneumology and left-wing activist Julio Marín. The event will start at 12:30 at the Paranimf of the historical building of La Nau. The ‘laudatio’ will be pronounced by the lecturer Juan F. Ascaso. The principal, Esteban Morcillo, will also intervene.

Julio Marín (Valencia, 1936) is currently emeritus professor of the UV. Graduate and doctor in Medicine by the UV, he was a victim, together with other militant communists, of the repression of the dictatorship due to his fight for democratic liberties. He had to undertake part of his studies in prison, and once he was university professor, he was on file in a trial that led to the resignation of the Governing Board of the UV that refused to expel students and to renovate professors, as was required by the prosecuting authorities.

Marín was the first full university professor in pneumology in a Spanish university, and he was head of service of this speciality in the Hospital Clínico de Valencia.

Throughout his career, he developed an intense teaching, care and research activity, which made a decisive contribution to the creation of specific units for the adequate control and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

Together with his commitment to the progress of society, democratic values, science progress and people’s welfare, Julio Marín has an artistic sensitivity that has shared through the donation of art works for its conservation and public exhibition.