The UV gets the silver medal in the Autonomic of marathon

  • November 23rd, 2016
Medalla Plata Marato

The marathon team of the UV disputed last Sunday, 20 November, the main event of athletics: the Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP, that coincided with the Regional University Sports Championship (CADU), in which the UV team got a silver medal.

The team leaded by Rubén Picazo will attend the event with six athletes: Sergio Aguado, Alberto Campillo, Carles Falco, Alberto Martínez, José David Moruno and Sergio Rodríguez. The performance of José David Moruno was the most outstanding of the team, with a run that showed that he is in shape. He won the  silver medal with a mark of 2:55:56.

The coach Rubén Pizado explains that “the conditions of Sunday were perfect to get a good mark. CADU medals are very difficult to get, the rest of universities have good teams. Our options were supported in the performances of Jose David Moruno, that had the best time of our team with 3:10:57 in 2015. And Alberto Campillo and Carles Falco will have to fight for the first positions and try to lower the time of the 3 hours, where it will be the medals”. About the Moruno’s medal, Picado is “happy, he cut 15 minutes its personal time, and he made a magnificent time, taking into account that he competed in several triathlons, sport in which he is specialist and that he didn’t have one of the best time of the participant athletes”.

The podium was completed with the athletes of the UPV José Luis García (Gold) and Jorge Luziriaga (Bronze).

The rest of the team ended the test, and that is very important for the coach, since “it is a test with very high physical requirements, and if all they ended the marathon means that all they were in good shape for the event”.

The times of the participants of the team were the following: José David Moruno Benita: 2:55:56; Carles Falco Puchol: 3:04:27; Alberto Campillo Marin: 3:09:50; Sergio Aguado Berenguer: 3:26:26; Sergio Rodríguez Guevara: 3:26:33; Alberto Martínez Francés: 3:47:44