The UV for Equality analizes on Thursday the challenges of future, communication and constitutional change

  • October 20th, 2016
Carmen Montón

The Equality Unit has organized this Thursday 20 the UV Conference for Equality: «Challenges on health, communication and constitutional change». It will be hold from 9 hours in the Office of the principal. The Session will be opened by the Principal of the Universitat de València, Esteban Morcillo, and by the provincial Counselor for Universal and Public Health, Carmen Montón.

It will include talks by the full professor of Sociology Marina Subirats, the writter and blogger Fani Grande, the sociologist Pilar Aguilar, the autonomic representative Rosa Peris, the manager of the Identity of Gender Unit Felipe Hurtado, and the police officer and expert of the European Commission in Safety projects, Jose Luis Diego, among others.

The conference is in the framework of the events that University programmes to welcome the incoming students and that fill up the campus with activities for all students.

This conference tries to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality, paying particular attention into people recently incorporated to the academic institution. It is a way to approach students, the rest of the unviersity community and the whole Valencian society one of its more relevant values as it is the one related to equality between men and women.

All contents of the conference distributed in three differentiated stands claims to rise awareness about the importance over mainstreaming teaching with a gender perspective in personal development areas relevant in the matter: Health, communication, education and law.

The university community of the Health area will find the first stands of significant matters of sexual and reproductive health, with a logical gender approach. The second stand warns about sexist messages that take refuge in the mass media: advertising and social networks. Finally, the third stand has more opened content. It intends to generate debate about the perspectives, contents and legal framework that it should have the State Treaty with regard to equality and against gender violence, that has been claimed so many times.

The whole programme can be checked here