The University will allocate 16,500€ to the best entrepreneurship initiatives of the UVentrepreneurships StartUp Awards

  • Office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Training Service
  • February 26th, 2021
StartUp Awards logo
StartUp Awards logo

The Office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Training Services has announced the first edition of the UVentrepreneurships StartUp Awards. Prizes worth 16,500€ will be awarded to entrepreneurial initiatives and innovative ideas. The aim is to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in the university that can contribute to the professional development of students, as well as highlight socially significant ideas and projects that can be sucessfully introduced into our productive and regional fabric.

Students can enter the UVentrepreneurships StartUp contest until the 31st of May of 2021 through the programme’s website, where all the information and necessary documents to participate are available.

The awards are divided into four different categories in order to attract entrepreneurial talent from the students of the University of Valencia, as well as those who have graduated from the institution.

The first category, UVentrepreneurships StartUp Awards – Create, is aimed at students of official degrees of the University of Valencia. The best early-stage ideas that involve developing a business model without needing to create the company will be awarded five prizes of 400€ each.

The UVentrepreneurships StartUp – Entrepreneur awards will be given to participants in an advanced developing stage that involves an approved business model and that have created a minimum viable product or proof of concept or service, without needing to set up the company. The five prizes amount to 750€ each and are aimed at students in the last three years of any official degree at the University of Valencia.

The third category is called UVentrepreneurships StartUp – Academia and will award five prizes of 500€ each to students who have submitted their undergraduate degree or master’s degree final project, as well as their doctoral thesis, during the last three academic years. Prizes will be awarded to the best innovative business ideas that stemmed from a TFG, TFM or doctoral thesis of any official degree of the UV, so that they can become viable business opportunities.

Lastly, the UVentrepreneurships StartUp – Society category will award a maximum of five prizes of 1,200€ and five prizes of 450€ split into five subcategories: social economy and common good projects, rural entrepreneurship projects, inclusive entrepreneurship projects, sustainable and smart mobility and environment projects, and projects that promote and encourage female entrepreneurship. Companies whose board of directors or equivalent body is made up of at least 50% of members who are studying or have finished official undergraduate, master's or doctoral studies at the University of Valencia may apply to this category.

UVentrepreneurships StartUp contest is an initiative of the office of the vice-principal, through the Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Valencia (UVentrepreneurships), and is funded by Banco Santander within the framework of UVentrepreneurships Campus-Santander Universidades.

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