The University of Valencia renews the agreement to fund the Legal Mediation Chair with the Generalitat Valenciana

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • January 25th, 2023

The rector of the University of Valencia, Mavi Mestre, and the councillor of Justice, Interior and Public Administration, Gabriela Bravo, have signed the renewal of the agreement to fund the Culture for Legal Mediation Chair of the UV; that comprises the activities that generate the culture of mediation inside the university institution and promote it as a method to solve conflict in society.

The professorship, that was formed in 2021 and will be renewed for another year, is in charge of organising activities such as research projects that allow promoting and improving the citizen’s access to the alternative mechanisms of conflict solving, that contribute to its removal from the courts; information activities aimed at the university community to solve conflicts; formative acts; dissemination and disclosure acts. For this, the Conselleria will contribute with a maximum of 30.000 €.

This agreement strengthens the leadership of the Valencian Community in the establishment of this alternative justice method that, only in the last two years, has handled over 1.500 issues that, if taken to court, would have costed around 1,9 million euros.

This way, the professorship is in charge of doing formative and research acts about this alternative method of conflict solving, that reduces to 1.833 € the average cost of the resolution of a conflicts, instead of the 8.015 that an ordinary judicial process would cost; aside from shortening the time of 510 days on average to less than 90.

As opposed to a litigation culture that has been with us during centuries of juridical history, rises the mediator institution as a big social pacification model that can be adapted to all kinds of conflict and that, furthermore, it allows us to work on the necessary values for the society we live in: reduce the social conflict, the capability of taking responsibility for your own actions, as well as the promotion of equality and solidarity among people.

To the signing ceremony also attended Maria Elena Olmos, general secretary of the UV; Juan Vicente Climent, manager of the UV; José García Añón, general director of Democratic Reforms and Access to Justice; Ángeles Solanes, vice-rector of Permanent Formation, Teaching Transformation and Occupation; and Rosa Donat, vice-rector of Innovation and Transference.