The University of Valencia increases the number of citations of scientific articles by 10.42% in the last year

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • March 24th, 2023
University of Valencia rectorate building.
University of Valencia rectorate building.

The University of Valencia (UV) is the third Spanish higher education academic centre in number of citations of scientific articles, highly cited articles and publications among the most cited, according to the InCites Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database. Regarding the number of citations to its articles, the University of Valencia is the third with the highest number in Spain, going from 703,348 in 2022, to 776,664, 10.42% more. By fields of knowledge, the three areas in which the institution stands out the most are Agricultural Sciences, Physics and Economics and Business.

ESI, from Clarivate Analytics, is a compilation of statistical information built with data from the Web of Science that shows emerging scientific trends, as well as the authors, institutions, documents, journals, and countries that stand out in each field of research. Analyses more than 12 million articles in more than 12,384 journals over a period of 11 years.

In the institutional version, the ranking classifies the institutions by number of scientific publications or papers and the UV occupies the world position 318, with 33,648 of these writings (4th in Spain). InCites also classifies the centres by highly cited publications (those in the 1% most cited in a research field in a specific year), where the UV is third in Spain; and by hot articles (published in the last two years and which have received a very high number of citations in the last two months), in which the Valencian institution is fourth in the state. In impact articles (sum of hot articles and highly cited articles), the UV is third in Spain.

By areas of knowledge, and in the case of citations to scientific articles, in Agricultural Sciences the UV occupies the world number 91 (1st in Spain) and in Physics, the world position 148 (2nd in Spain). Of the 18 subjects in which it participates, the UV is the first Valencian centre in 15.

Looking at subjects by number of papers, the UV is first in Spain in Economics and Business (world position 116), second in Physics and Psychiatry/Psychology, and third in Chemistry. In these areas, the institution is among the top 200 in the world.

In highly cited articles and impact articles, always according to subject, the institution, in addition to occupying the 32nd world position (also 1st in Spain) in Agricultural Sciences, is first in Spain in Geosciences and also in the field of Microbiology (1-2).

In hot articles, the UV ranks 40th in the world in Economics/Business and 66th in Physics.


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