The University joins in Museum Day with guided tours and open doors

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  • May 17th, 2023
Astronomical Observatory
Astronomical Observatory

The University of Valencia joins this Thursday 18 May the International Museum Day, which this year has the theme 'Museums, sustainability and well-being', with several activities organised by its museums and collections with open days at La Nau, the Natural History Museum and the Botanical Garden.

Historic universities are repositories of a rich cultural heritage resulting from their teaching and research activities. This is the case of the University of Valencia, founded in 1499, which throughout its more than five centuries of history has shaped a very rich and diverse heritage.

In addition to their registration and inventory, with a view to their conservation and study, the ultimate aim of cultural assets is to make them known to the public And the museum is presented as a privileged means of establishing this relationship between cultural heritage and society.

Currently, the University of Valencia has three museums (La Nau, the Botanical Garden and the Natural History Museum) and three permanent collections recognised by the Generalitat (History of Science and Medicine Collection, Astronomical Observatory Collection and Information and Communication Technologies Collection), apart from the School History Museum with halls on the Tarongers and Ontinyent campuses, that was inaugurated months ago.

The International Museum Day (IMD) is celebrated since 1987, and coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The aim of the IMD is to raise awareness on the role of museums as means of cultural exchange, enrichement of cultures and mutual development for peace among people.

IMD Museum and Natural History Programme: Open day.

The University of Valencia Natural History Museum, M[UV]HN presents a series of performances carried out during the month of May both on the museum's own premises and outside the facilities.

On 17 and 25 May, as part of its social and outreach work, the M[UV]HN will hold workshops and visits at reduced prices to disadvantaged entities previously requested.

On 18 May, there will be visits from several centres, as well as an Open Day for the general public.

Finally, on Friday 19 May, the museum is taking part in a new edition of the ‘Cristalización En La Escuela’ (Crystallisation At School) competition, in which secondary and high school students from schools throughout the Valencian Community compete to see who wins the prize for their hard work in the classroom. The museum will be part of the jury and it has produced some of the commemorative throphies to be awarded for this purpose. An activity will also be offered at the museum to the first three winners of the competition. The awards ceremony will take place at the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia.

The museum already began the tour of these events on 6 May at Expociència 2023, where an open day was held at the museum and at its stand, where more than three hundred people took part in various workshops related to sustainability and well-being: ‘Crea tu propio fósil de jabón’ (Create your own soap fossil),  ‘Descubre el mar a través del microscopio’ (Discover the sea through the microscope), ‘Pintacaras Animal Print’ (Animal Print face painting) or ‘Fotografía de un viaje alucinante al mesozoico’ (Photography on a mind-blowing journey to the Mesozoic).

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