University community responds generously to the UV Week call for Blood Donations

  • March 14th, 2023
Promotion of blood donations

As a result of the Week for the promotion of blood donation, 564 people have donated blood at the points installed on the campuses linked to this initiative, and of these, 201 have done so for the first time. Promoted by the Student Delegation and organized by the Information and Dynamization Service (Sedi) in collaboration with the Transfusion Center of the Valencian Community, this awareness campaign has had the collaboration of university students who have acted as promoters among the university community.

By campus, 173 people donated blood in Burjassot, of which 55 were new donators; 256 donated blood in Blasco Ibáñez, 91 for the first time, and 135 people donated blood in the Els Tarongers campus, of which 55 were new donators.

These figures are higher than those of 2022, a campaign in which 450 people donated blood, 191 of them for the first time, and are close to the pre-pandemic figures. The organization has valued them very positively since they show that the university community is increasingly "more aware" of the "daily challenge of obtaining sufficient resources".

More than 30 students from the University of Valencia have collaborated in this year's Blood Donation Promotion Week. The participants have been trained to learn how blood donation works and the necessary skills to convince future donators, as well as to resolve any doubts and overcome any resistance that may develop. Then, they have collaborated as promoters at the information points on the campuses of the Week for the promotion of blood donation and, on February 28, March 1 and 2, the donations linked to this awareness campaign have taken place.

It should be remembered that, during the whole year, the Transfusion Center of the Valencian Community visits the campuses of the University of Valencia to facilitate blood donation by members of the university community.

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