The university community and the book sector accompany PUV in the presentation of 'Cent anys fent llibres'

  • Publications Service
  • March 11st, 2022
Participants en la presentació del llibre.
Participants en la presentació del llibre.

Last Wednesday, 9th March, the Muralla Room of the Principal Peset Hall of Residence was the chosen venue for the presentation of the book 'Cent anys fent llibres: La trajectòria d'una editorial universitària. PUV 1920-2020', which was held in the presence of the principal of the Universitat de València, M. Vicenta Mestre; the vice-principal of Culture and Sports, Ester Alba; the director of Publications of the Universitat de València, Teresa Ferrer; the full university professor of Medieval History at the UV and director of PUV between 1997 and 2010, Antoni Furió, and the chief editor of PUV and editor of the book, Maite Simón.

In her speech, the principal highlighted the importance of the work of PUV in its mission to disseminate the scientific and intellectual production generated at the UV. She also wanted to congratulate both Teresa Ferrer and Maite Simón for the work developed in the edition of this work, extending her congratulations to all the people who have collaborated in the book, as well as to the rest of the PUV team.

In her turn, Maite Simón gave a brief summary of the contents of the book, describing the parts into which it is structured and mentioning all the people who, in one way or another, have made it possible for this commemorative work to see the light of day in such an important and special year for PUV.

Afterwards, Antoni Furió gave a historical review of the evolution of the service from 1920, the year of the birth of the Anales de la Universidad de Valencia journal, to the present day, highlighting the process of professionalisation of PUV and the importance it has acquired among university publishers.

Teresa Ferrer then thanked all the staff involved in the centenary events that have been taking place throughout 2021 for their work, as well as the entire PUV team for having carried out their work without being affected by the pandemic, which disrupted many of the scheduled events, but which, with the efforts of everyone, were able to be held satisfactorily.

To conclude the event, Ester Alba also wanted to highlight the role of the UV publishing house in its aim to disseminate the knowledge produced within the university, as well as encouraging all the public present to continue to show their support for PUV in its task of fulfilling the main missions of the UV with respect to culture and society.