The Universitat will distribute 25,000 euros in prizes with the UVemprén StartUP programme for entrepreneurial students

  • Office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • March 25th, 2022

The Universitat de València announces the UVemprén StartUP programme with spaces to house and promote 10 student entrepreneurial projects and €25,000 in prizes for university entrepreneurship with the patronage of Santander Universities. The call for the UVemprén StartUP awards will be open until 16th June.

UVemprén StartUP is a programme designed to encourage entrepreneurship among students. It is based on the results of institutional entrepreneurship programmes at the Universitat de València and is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and master's students and alumniUV who have participated in a UVemprén programme and who have developed a business idea during their studies that they would like to promote.

UVemprén StartUP opens the call, which will remain active until 30th September, to select up to 10 entrepreneurial projects and that the student promoter of the same can enjoy a university experience in order to acquire and implement entrepreneurial skills that allow them to opt for entrepreneurship voluntarily and in parallel with the development of their careers. This modality encompasses the following set of services aimed at facilitating entrepreneurs:

  • Work spaces located on the Tarongers campus where entrepreneurial projects can be developed under the supervision of the programme's academic coordination team, as well as mentoring and personalised advice.

  • Access to training programmes and technical seminars according to the training needs detected.

UVemprén StartUP announces 25,000 euros in prizes to select and recognise the best university entrepreneurship projects in four different categories:

  • The UVemprén StartUP - CREA category offers 10 prizes of 500 € each to the best ideas in the initial phase that involve the development of a basic model without having an established company.
  • The UVemprén StartUP - EMPRÉN category will award 5 prizes of €1,000 each to the best ideas at an advanced stage of development that involve a validated business model and the development of a minimum viable product or a prototype or concept test of the product or service without having the company incorporated.

  • The UVemprén StartUP - ACADEMIA category will award 10 prizes of 300 € each to the best innovative business ideas that have their origin in a TFG, TFM or doctoral thesis of any official degree of the Universitat de València and that can be converted into a possible and viable business opportunity.
  • The UVemprén StartUP - SOCIETY category will reward established companies with the best business ideas with innovative entrepreneurial projects in strategic lines of action of the UVemprén Master Plan - inclusive, social and cultural entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship, women's entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in sustainable mobility, entrepreneurship in improving the quality of life and digital entrepreneurship. Six prizes of €2,000 each will be awarded in this category.

The specific requirements for each category and the application procedure can be found on this link.