The Universitat offers free acts that combine diversity and performing arts

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • November 13rd, 2019
Poster of the days.
Poster of the days.

The Universitat de València will host the academic-professional conferences on Diversitat, Arts Escèniques i Gestió (Diversity, Performing Arts and Management), which will be held at the Faculty of Economics on November 14th and at La Nau Cultural Centre of the Universitat de València on November 15th. These conferences, aimed at students, professionals, professors and the general public, aim to reflect on the diversity present in our society and the possibility of transmitting it through the performing arts.

During the two days of the conferences, there will be a series of traversal activities (performances, workshops, talks, colloquiums, music) in which artists, professionals and academics of recognised prestige linked to various social and cultural integration projects will take part.

Attendance at these conferences is free and the profits obtained are destined for the NGO Alanna, which is committed to the social inclusion of women victims of gender violence and ethnic minorities.

The programme of the conferences will begin on the first day at the Faculty of Economics with the performance ‘Mares que olvidé’ (Seas I forgot) by the artists Alicia Merello and Sandra F. Blanco; it will be followed by a workshop on perceptions, roles and diversity coordinated by two psychologists: Marta Cañero and Sandra Luján.  In addition, the day will close with a conference by the neurologist Arturo Goicoechea.

On 15th Friday, La Nau will host a colloquium under the title Diversos somos todos (We’re all diverse) coordinated by the cultural journalist Paloma Cortina (Radio 3) and accompanied by the sound of the DJ Jamona Vegana.  In this act, the dragqueen Liz Dust, the artistic director Mateo Feijoó, the plastic artist Bartolomé Limón, Begoña Lobo (Media Vaca), Eva Moreno (Extremus Danza) and Empar Puig (Classic and Modern) will take part as guests.

Several fourth-year students of the Degree in Tourism of the Faculty of Economics of the Universitat de València have been responsible for organising these days, which constitute an educational programme for the subject of Leisure marketing.  In addition, the students have successfully managed the activities of registration and logistics, communication, sponsorship, budget management, among others.

The days are also supported and financed by the Diversity Unit of the Universitat de València, an initiative that is committed to recognising differences and inviting plurality.

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