The Universitat in electoral campaign

  • Office of the Principal
  • February 16th, 2022
La Universitat, en campaña electoral.
La Universitat, en campaña electoral.

On Monday, the campaign for the principal’s elections on 1st March began. On Tuesday 15th February, the Senate debated the programme which was presented by the current principal and candidate for the re-election, MªVicenta. The electoral campaign will run until 28th February.

On 1st March 2022, the elections for the principal of the Universitat de València, called by agreement of the Governing Council on 13th December 2021, will be held. 
You can check the news on UVnews website:

The electoral process is regulated by the General Electoral Regulations, on the basis of which the Electoral Commission published the electoral calendar. 
You can access this news here:

In this process only the candidacy headed by the current principal, Mª Vicente Mestre, who aspires to continue for four more years in charge of the oldest and biggest of the Valencian universities, the Universitat de València, was presented. You can check the information published in UVnews following this link:

According to the Regulations governing this announcement, and in accordance with electoral calendar, from Monday 14th February until the 28th, the candidacies will be able to carry out preparatory actions and meetings with the university community in a set of acts in which they can ask for the vote.

A schedule of its electoral events can be found on the candidacy’s website:

In the context of the electoral campaign, and according to the eight section of the article 20.5 of the General Electoral Regulations of the Universitat de València, the Senate met on 15th February to present and debate the candidacies and the programmes presented in this process. 
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