The Universitat and El Corte Inglés offer a virtual exhibition by Borja Ibáñez

  • Tarongers Institutes Support Unit
  • April 21st, 2020
Rerproducció d'una obra de Borja Ibáñez

In times of coronavirus, the Universitat de València resumes its exhibition programme at the hall Espai d'Art Contemporani (EAC) in El Corte Inglés with a virtual exhibition by the painter Borja Ibáñez (Carcaixent, 1990).

The exhibition by Borja Ibáñez is entitled "Interpretaciones del ser" (interpretations of being) and, according to Professor Ricard Silvestre (coordinator of the Professor "Romà de la Calle" Documentation Centre of Valencian Contemporary Art), "it brings us fully into the metaphysical discourse." Borja Ibáñez "represents the concept of oneself through his works, portraying the meaning of the being in the space and discovers us the own experiences that are reborn through synaesthesia," adds Silvestre. "These works do not only represent a scene, they crystallise the murmurings, the constant noise, the flash of light in the water, the conversations that are precipitated among themselves... the set of all effects captured in the oil painting builds a moment that seems to be present on the canvas, it is the memory lived by the artist. The artist leads us to feel the emotions that we observe, the same emotions that show us lived experiences."

In addition to the Professor "Romà de la Calle" Documentation Centre of Valencian Contemporary Art (CDAVC) of the Universitat de València, the Cultural Area of El Corte Inglés and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos also participate in the Espai d'Art Contemporani (EAC). After a decade of trajectory (2009-2019), explains Ricard Silvestre, EAC resumes its task of promotion and dissemination of the youngest Valencian contemporary art. "Despite the current circumstances, the initiative of a virtual exhibition aims at ensuring that this dynamic can continue to be the planned objective of the Espai d'Art Contemporani Hall of El Corte Inglés with the advice of the Universitat de València," he assures.

In the new exhibition platform, in addition to the painting by Borja Ibáñez, virtual exhibits of Juan Felipe Martínez, Paula Rufat and Fernando Jiménez will be displayed in an exhibition cycle that will continue throughout 2020 entitled Nuevos Simbolismos (New Symbolisms). Silvestre points out that in it "the images will be shown so close and familiar, as to evoke faint meanings and veiled distances. Nothing that cannot be conceived from the Net, enjoyed at home and lived with intensity to overcome the idea, always against nature, of a confined art."


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