The Universitat de València will offer a 46% of lectures in Catalan next year

  • Press Office
  • November 7th, 2018
Office of the Principal
Office of the Principal

At least a 46% of lectures in the Universitat de València will be given in Catalan during the next academic year according to the academic offer elaboration criteria approved by the University’s Governing Council on Tuesday. The University’s Pla d’Increment de la Docència en Valencià (Catalan for Plan for an Increasing Teaching in Catalan) states that this offer must be incremented in a 3% until a 50% is achieved in 2022.

Ernesto Cano, Vice-Principal for Academic Regulations and Teaching Staff, introduced the issue and pointed out that criteria taken have not changed much, which embodies a “stable environment” to organise teaching without ups and downs, as Cano appreciated.

According to the approved document, teaching hours in Catalan must be higher than 46% of those not delivered in a foreign language in each degree. Moreover, whenever a degree offers more than one group in a non-foreign language, one of them must be in Catalan.

Degrees offering only one group must be taught in Catalan at least in a 46% as long as they are not taught in a foreign language. This group must be offered as bilingual in Catalan and Spanish, specifying the language in each module and subgroup.

In order to ensure that students acquire academic competences in Catalan and Spanish as well as in a foreign language, monolingual groups will be progressively substituted by multilingual ones in Catalan and Spanish, and in Catalan, Spanish, and a foreign language. In this sense, every time groups are odd, one of them can be multilingual ensuring that the degree includes a minimum of a 46% of the lectures in Catalan.

Public offer of occupation for 2018                                                

Juan Vicente Climent, the manager, presented this year’s public offer of occupation for administrative and service staff. After implementing the related legislation, the University has 3 years to call for 84 new PAS (administrative and service staff in the University) positions for non-working shift, and 19 for working shift.

Student Council renovation

The University Student Council held a plenary session resulting in the Coordination Board renovation. New members are Joan Pelegi as coordinator, Benjamín Velasco as secretary, Laura Barrios as vice-coordinator, Aitana Cabedo as treasurer, and Marta Meneu-Borja, David López Picó and Andrea Gómez as vocals.

The Student Council was against the appointment of Juan Roig, Mercadona president, as honorary doctor. The related document, presented to the Governing Council, states: “We do not share the reasons of granting that academic title. We do not consider him to have any academic merit.” It also asks the institution to think over the issue again. 



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