The Universitat de València promotes an application for immigrants in Valencia to help them to orientate themselves during Fallas

  • Press Office
  • March 15th, 2022
Imatge de l'aplicació.
Imatge de l'aplicació.

The Conversational Business Chair of the Universitat de València is promoting the #FallasBot initiative, an application that acts as a personal assistant for people who have immigrated to Valencia and who "do not understand what happens in the city during these four days of madness", in the words of the promoters.


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"This year, #FallasBot is dedicated to the 150,000 immigrants who came to Valencia with any excuse, and stayed. Who fell in love here, who found a job, who created their family, and who want to be part of us, the Valencians", say the creators of the app.

In eight languages, without advertising, using WhatsApp for free, users can find out what's going on and enjoy the guided tours that many fallas are offering this year to celebrate Valencia being the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

This year, a team of volunteers from theConversational Business Chair of the Universitat de València and the ACICOM association have called all the fallas to propose that they make a free guided visit to their falla and share their story.

How much does a falla or a fallera costume cost? Where do they keep the fallas on the 20th March? Do they really burn them? Why is this year's falla "like this"? What happened in 2021? ... and so many other stories that show the fallera reality.

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