The Universitat de València opens the first Campus of Intraentrepreneurship UVentrepreneurships Gennera

  • Office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • November 25th, 2020
Participants en la inauguració.
Participants at the inauguration.

On 23 November, the office of the Vice-principal of the Universitat de València was the venue for the official inauguration of the first edition of UVentrepreneurships Gennera, a programme run by the office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Training Programmes through the Entrepreneurship Unit (UVentrepreneurships) of the Universitat de València. Its objective is to offer entrepreneurial training within the companies. It counts on the participation of important companies of the Valencian productive framework such as Importaco and Power Electronics.

UVentrepreneurship Gennera is a programme aimed at providing selected students with training so that they can start a business within an organization, providing a real experience that allows creating a space for innovation between the student body and companies. This initiative is part of the Campus Innovative Entrepreneurship 5UCV of the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Employment of the Valencian government, and of the UVentrepreneurships-Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Campus sponsored by Banco Santander. 

The Universitat de València, through its Entrepreneurship Unit (UVentrepreneurships), has designed strategic challenges in collaboration with the participating companies so that people that participate in the programme receive training and mentoring that allow them to come up with innovative solutions to these challenges. The best solutions will be chosen by a panel and they will be part of the UV's Ideas Bank. People who contribute them will receive a certificate of achievement and will be able to participate in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Techniques Certificate of the UVentrepreneurships-Santander Universities Campus. 

UVentrepreneurships Gennera initiative counts on the collaboration of important companies of the Valencian business fabric such as Importaco and Power Electronics. Thus, participating people will be able to put into practice what they have learnt to solve an innovative challenge and show companies their talent at the same time. 

Importaco, whose central offices are in Beniparrell (Valencia), is a global food company founded in 1940. It is the European leader in the nuts and dried fruits market and the third largest mineral water in Spain. It is present in 36 countries around the world. Its main objective in the UVentrepreneurships Gennera programme is to measure success factors among its customers. To do this, they monitor customers' experiences by using different tools, with the aim of exceeding their expectations and making their experience as satisfactory as possible.

Power Electronics, for its part, is a renowned industrial company that has over 2,500 employees, is present in the five continents and is characterised by its 24-hour "Power On Support" technical service. Its main axes are the energy storage, in fact, it is the world leader; the electromobility, by promoting innovative solutions for charging electronic vehicles; and the solar energy division, which prevents more than 40,000 million tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year.

In this first edition, 33 participants have been selected (18 men and 15 women), who are divided into 16 for Power Electronics challenges (10 men and 6 women) and 17 for Importaco challenges (8 men and 9 women). Most participants come from social areas (79%), whereas the rest of them come from sciences (12%) and health (9%) areas. 

The UVentrepreneurships Gennera's calendar started with the opening day, which was held in the Governing Council's room of the office of the Principal. It counted on the participation of M. Adela Valero Aleixandre, the Vice-Principal of Employment and Training Programmes of the Universitat de València; Teresa Cercós Fortea, Importaco's general manager of Quality, I+D+i (Spanish abbreviation that stands for Research, Development and Innovation) and Environment, and Javier Tomás, director of the Corporate University of Power Electronics. 

25 and 26 November will be the "company days", when the solutions will be presented to mentors. Later, between 1 and 3 December, the Campus Gennera will be held, with training and work workshops with mentors where participants will learn to validate their ideas and pass them on through an effective communication. Finally, on 4 December the Campus will be closed and the projects and challenge solutions will be presented to the panel, which will decide on the winning ideas. 

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