Universitat de València opens a Science Park extension in Gandia

  • Parc Científic
  • February 17th, 2020

The mayor Diana Morant and the Principal M. Vicenta Mestre confirmed the news this morning during their visit to the Science Park together with the delegation of the Valencian City Council and distinguished entrepreneurs of La Safor region. The visit aimed to strengthen the relations between the university and business worlds which collaborate and coordinate for the sake of innovation.

Entrepreneurs of La Safor region came to the Universitat de València Science Park (PCUV) with the mayor Morant and the councillor for Education of Gandia City Council, Carmen Fuster. To share the ideas centered on the common interests of the knowledge industry and the entrepreneurship sector, the university management team and entrepreneurs of the Science Park have met personally to establish the lines of cooperation to improve the productive sector of Valencia.

“Universitat de València was created more than five centuries ago to improve the well-being of the Valencian society. We strive to transform the society in all fields of knowledge, which is one of the strengths of this academic establishment fully aware of the importance of cooperation with entrepreneurs as well as comprehension of their needs and peculiarities,” stated the principal after anouncing the decision of the UV and Gandia City Council to open an affiliation of the Science Park in this ducal city. “The university already collaborates with the International Centre of Gandia and now wants to expand its presence with a new venue of PCUV in the capital of La Safor,” continued the principal.

Meanwhile, Diana Morant expressed her satisfaction with this initiative of the knowledge transfer and the commitment of the municipality to open a new venue of the Science Park in Gandia. “We see this as an opportunity to grow. Enterprises are fully aware of the fact that future comes with innovation and knowledge. Thus, to shape it, we need to make the most of the university achievements. The announcement of the Principal today marks the start of the business and social revolution in our region,” commented the mayor.

Among the topics discussed during the reunion was the location of a new venue in the Tossal building in Gandia as well as other lines of collaboration between Gandia City Council and Universitat de València. One of them is the possible introduction of new degree programs that will deal with the peculiarities of the productive environment of the region. “Today we plant the seed of an interesting project,” concluded Morant. “Creating a physical space is surely important; yet, the relations that are established on the way of project realisation are even more important. We came here to create something new.”

The director of the Science Park, Juan Antonio Raga, also gave the delegation from Gandia a tour around the biotechnological company ADM-Biopolis, which already has extensive experience in this environment for innovation. The meeting ended with a business networking session with Cumulus City, Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence, Red Hat and ValGenetics located in PCUV and the companies of La Safor region Autis Ingenieros, Acimut Electronics, La Tienda HOME, Dulcesol, ODEC, Peisa, Teika-Café Max, Tecatel-MedipHealth, and el Círculo de Economía de La Safor (CES).

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