The Universitat de València and the BBVA reward the utilisation of ICTs in small and medium-sized businesses

  • Office of the Principal
  • May 10th, 2022

The first edition of the Revoluciona Prizes gives credit to Fama Sofás S.L., TALAT and Gestión Inteligente de Conflictos S.L.U. for their development thanks to the utilisation of Information and Communications Technology.

The awards ceremony of the first edition of the Revoluciona Prizes took place at the Paranimf (Main hall) of the Universitat de València. Among the participants of the act were M. Vicenta Mestre, principal of the Universitat de València; Vicent Soler, counselor of Treasury and Economic Model; David Conde, head of the eastern division of the BBVA; Francisco Muñoz, dean of the Faculty of Economics; and Elvira Cerver, vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics 

Fama Sofás S.L. TALAT y Gestión Inteligente de Conflicos S.L. were given credit for setting a landmark in digital and sustainable transformation in the Valencian Community, the Region of Murcia and the Balearic Islands.

The awards, promoted by the Universitat de València and the head of the eastern division of the BBVA are aimed at rewarding small and medium-sized businesses that have been able to take advantage of the opportunities of the Digital Era and that have evolved towards a more sustainable business model thanks to ICTS.

The Faculty of Economics of the UV has organised these awards, in which the transformation of the businesses has to be reflected in their sustainable growth and the improvement of their results. These results are assessed on the basis of their degree of novelty and sustainability, as well as their impact on financial, operational, social and market variables.

Furthermore, the attendees have been able to benefit from the keynote lecture ‘Innovation, digital Disruption and Social Welfare’, given by Rafael Domenech, full university professor of Economic Analysis of the UV, who is also responsible of the Economic Analysis at BBVA Research.