The Universitat de València announces the Col·laborAcció programme for the socio-occupational integration for university students with disabilities

  • Fundació General UV
  • May 9th, 2022
Speed networking with companies during the first edition of the programme.
Speed networking with companies during the first edition of the programme.

The Universitat de València, through the Uvocupació service, opened the registration period for the second edition of the socio-occupational integration for university students with disabilities: Col·laborAcció. A specific and experimental project of orientation, instruction, labour intermediation, socialization in the workplace, and mentoring funded by Labora, the public employment service of the Valencian Community.

People with disability (with a certificate equal or higher to 33%) enrolled in the last years of their undergraduate or their postgraduate studies, as well as graduates of any of the Valencian public universities who are looking for a job and that are interested in enjoying personalized support for their professional integration and/or career development.

Furthermore, the second edition of Col·laborAcció offers the possibility of participating in a mentoring proposal during and after the integration process. An active professional with disability will do the accompaniment, sharing their personal and professional experiences.

The Col·laborAcció programme, carried out by the disability area of Uvocupació, will make available of the registered persons a individualized labour orientation, educational actions and labour intermediation with companies as well as an accompaniment in the integration process and socialization in the workplace. It will also provide to the employer organization a Guide to Welcoming Disability in the Workplace, with the objective of facilitating the optimal integration into the labour market of the candidates.

To be part of the programme you must be registered in the Universitat de València employment portal and formalise your registration through this form.

A 20% of integration in 2021

Col·laborAcció is an experimental project, with the support of Labora, that proposes a pioneer plan of reception in the company that favours the socio-occupational integration of people with disability. The programme is articulated through two key actions the accompaniment to the organization and to the person with disabilities to ensure a successful integration in the integration at the workplace process, and the elaboration of a guide for the companies with the necessary information to solve doubts and to facilitate ways and integration methods and the professional development of the collective with disabilities.

Last year, 85 people with disabilities participated in this specific and pioneer programme, all of them with a university degree and registered in the Universitat de València employment portal. Throughout the programme, 96 individualized interviews and 696 counselling sessions were carried out. Also four training workshops were held with the objective of providing the users with employability skills such as how to prepare for a speed networking session, how to prepare for a face-to-face or online recruitment interview, skills in new technologies and training in efficient teleworking.

The programme was carried out between May and October. Around 106 qualified job offers aimed specifically to people with a disability certificate equal or higher to 33% were published on this period.

17 of the 85 (20%) people who participated in Col·laborAcció were integrated. This figure is of particular value to the programme because it did not have an insertion target when it started. 65% of the those hired were women, 53% were over 35 years old, and 47% had a physical disability. Most of the contracts were full-time temporary contracts.

Another highlight was the support provided by Uvocupació to 23 people in their integration in the labour market. Six of them started to work before the start of Col·laborAcció, and 17 did it during the programme. This support consisted of three temporary phases -at one month, three months and six months- to assist the person and the organization in the different stages of the workplace adaptation.

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