Two professors from the University, in the SECrio directive, which studies the effects of low temperatures on materials.

  • Press Office
  • March 22nd, 2023
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University of Valencia professors Daniel Ballesteros and Miguel Ángel Silvestre have participated in the founding of SECrio, a scientific society that studies the effects of low temperatures on biological materials and systems. The professors have also joined the founding board of the society. SECrio will welcome specialists in the field of cryobiology in Spain.

Daniel Ballesteros, from the Department of Botany and Geology, participates as an expert in the cryopreservation of plant cells and tissues; while Miguel Ángel Silvestre, from the Department of Cell Biology, Functional Biology and Physical Anthropology, is a specialist in the cryopreservation of animal cells and tissues. 

The Spanish Cryobiology Society (SECrio) was founded on 6 March 2023. It is a platform born in Spain that aims to bring together a wide range of professionals with interests in the field of cryobiology. Cryobiology studies the effects of low temperatures on biological materials or systems. The field of cryobiology includes studies of systems subjected to any temperature between 0 °C and absolute zero, as well as those that are outside their physiological range (from moderate hypothermia to hibernation conditions). 

Cryobiology involves basic studies of biological or physicochemical processes associated with low temperatures that contribute to the generation of knowledge, as well as the development of practical applications that contribute to research and development. Furthermore, there are cryobiological techniques, such as cryopreservation, which are largely used for the conservation of various biological materials (spermatozoa, eggs, embryos, seeds, spores, bacteria, proteins, etc.) for very long period of time. However, the SECRIO excludes from the concept of cryobiology and its scope human cryogenics in the sense of cryopreservation of humans and animals after their death in the hope of their future resurrection. 

This new society aims to promote collaboration between professionals and students from different scientific, technological and industrial fields who study or use cryobiology techniques in their work. The creation of this society has been promoted by specialists from the University of Valencia, University of Vigo, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Polytechnic University of Valencia, University of Seville, Higher Council of Scientific Research, Valencian Agricultural Research Institute and the company Overture Life.

The SECrio has already opened twitter (@SE_Crio) and Likedin profiles where it will inform about the activities, news and topics related to the society and its objectives.