Training day on the impact of the Violet Book in the Valencian Public Service

  • March 2nd, 2017
Office of the Principal

The Universitat de València celebrates today Thursday 2 March a conference on ‘The impact of the violet book of the Valencian Public Service.’ The meeting will be held in the Office of the Principal Building. Some of the participants of the meeting will be Gabriela Bravo, counsellor for Justice, Public Administration, Democratic Reforms and Public Freedoms; Jorge Hermosilla, vice-principal for Territorial Projection and Participation; Anaïs Menguzzato, counsellor for the area of the citizen protection; Elena Olmos, dean of the Faculty of Law and Paz Lloria, director of Chair PROTECPOL.

The first session, which starts at 10:00, will be about the sense and the significance of the Violet Book. Experts in Law such as Beatriz Belando, Gemma Fabregat and Santiago Garcia take part in a round table moderated by the professor Julia Sevilla. The second session will be devoted to the impact of the Violet Book on the administrations. Union representatives such as Mar Vicent and Antonio Calderón will participate. The talk will be moderated by the professor Paz Lloria. The meeting will end at 13:30 with the conclusions.

The violet book of the Valencian Public Service is a milestone in the incorporation of the equality and the protection against gender violence in the field of the Valencian Regional Administration. The Local Police’s main interest of this conference is the training aimed at protecting the regional civil servants who suffer gender violence. In addition to this, the fact that the Local Police knows this new normative will allow them to offer a better assistance and advice. Apart from this, it is also interesting for society as a whole the spreading of the new ideas which are included in this book and which become essential for the change in mentality and for the progress in the citizen coexistence.