Students Lucía Hui Barberá and Alejandro Berenguer win first place in 'Projectes Natura' contest

  • Press Office
  • May 24th, 2023
Image of the participants in the project.
Image of the participants in the project.

Lucía Hui Barberá (student of the Degree in Environmental Sciences), for the project 'Oceanic Posidonia as an educational resource', in which the school El Pilar of València has participated, and Alejandro Berenguer (Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences), for 'Neurodegenerative diseases. .. what?', in which the school Ave María of Carcaixent has participated, won first prize in the 'Projectes Natura' contest promoted by the University of Valencia.

The second prize went to Víctor Pobes (Degree in Biology), for the project 'Aromatic plants: great allies in the garden', in which participated the IES Vicent Andrés Estellés of Burjassot. And the third prize went to Kevin Iborra (Bachelor's Degree in Biology) for the project 'Biomes: a trip around the world', in which participated the IES Comarcal of Burjassot.

A team formed by the students of the Master Thesis (TFG) of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Biology and Environmental Sciences, tutored by professors from different departments of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, and coordinated by Inma Quilis and Maite Martínez, from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Valencia, has promoted the initiative, which has the support of the Delegation for University Admission. The objectives of the contest are to increase interaction and collaboration between the different educational stages, to develop didactic materials and resources for primary grades with the participation of secondary students, encouraging project-based work and PSA in secondary education, to bring the work done at the university to schools and institutes, and finally to introduce students to public exposure and dissemination of their work.

The Science Park of the University of Valencia hosted on May 6th the XV edition of Expociència in which, among other activities, the projects that have participated this year in the contest Projectes Natura were presented publicly and to the jury. In this contest, the students of the Faculty of Biological Sciences presented their TFG, and the students of the primary and secondary schools that have hosted them.

This year 13 projects have been presented in different thematic areas such as neurobiology, zoology, botany, cellular biology, biotechnology, genetics, plant physiology, molecular biology, microbiology, hydrology and paleontology.

Once all the projects were evaluated and qualified by the jury, the winners were announced on Thursday, May 18th during the BIOGRAU 2023. In addition, the jury will recognize the rest of the projects with the most outstanding features of each of them:

  • "Aquifers: an educational resource within our reach", by the student Dídac Sendra, as the most recent project.
  • “Paleontology: Diversity and Functional Morphology”,, of the student Aida Bonillo as the most similar or homologous?
  • “What is happening at the Poles?”, of the student Uxue Planes as the project most concerned about climate change.
  • “Introduction to genetics for children and young people”, of the student Alejandro Hernández, as the most painful project.
  • “Bioremediation: Biotechnology as a learning and awareness-raising tool”, of the student Alejandro Montalvà, as a more solidary project...
  • “Designed for eating”, of the student Celia Saiz, as the project that best nails the tooth.
  • “Endoplasmic reticulum stress-related pathologies”, of the student Hugo Sánchez, as a project that supposes a great REP-te
  • “Cancer: all that can go wrong and all that can be solved”, by student Marta Albuixech, as the best Storyboard project.
  • “ApS project to apply yeast as a model in pre-college stages”,by the student Viviana Pont, as the most fluorescent project.

All projects will be available soon on the Projectes Natura website.