The student support of the UV is moved to the new service Tiqueting

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • February 3rd, 2023
The student support of the UV is moved to the new service Tiqueting

The Student Service, the Promotion Service and the Doctoral School will answer telematically through this new platform that provides an integrated, coordinated and collaborative attention in between all three services.

Starting in January, the support to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree students of the University of Valencia will no longer be provided through e-mail, it will now be provided through the application of TiquetingUV.

This new application, developed by the Web and Marketing Unit of the UV, allows the teams in charge of the student’s support: Student’s Service, Promotion Service and Doctoral School, to answer and manage collaboratively the users’ requests, thanks to the interconnection between the work teams that this tool allows.

TiquetingUV also facilitates the tracking of the timeline of each request with all of its interactions and documentation exchanges, and it enables the simultaneous support of two or more agents independently of the service they belong to. It is an efficient support system for the users as well as the managers, that also allows getting to know how satisfied the users are with the solution of their inquiry, and therefore apply changes that allow a consistent improvement in the service’s presentation.

Another relevant aspect of TiquetingUV is that it allows the interoperability between teams, in other words, it enables the inquiries directed initially to the wrong service, to be redirected to the right service without the user having to start a new procedure.

The services of student support are added to those of UVlibraries, Principal’s Cabinet, Web and Marketing Unit, CAU students, School of Engineering, Lluís Alcanyís Foundation, AgrotecUV and UVcommunication, which also work through this platform and to which the rest of services of the University will be added in the near future.