Sergio Adillo wins the 17th edition of the Poetry Award César Simón of the Universitat de València

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • November 17th, 2020
Sergio Adillo. Foto: Pablo Á. Mendivil.
Sergio Adillo. Photograph: Pablo Á. Mendivil.

Sergio Adillo, with his book of poems 'La posibilidad de convertir pirañas en peces inofensivos' ('The possibility of turning piranhas into harmless fish') is his first book of poetry.', has won the 17th edition of the Poetry Award César Simón organised by the Universitat de València in 2020. This edition has been notable both for the quantity, a total of 50 books of poems were presented, and for the quality of the projects submitted.

Panel's members, made up of Rosana Acquaroni, Javier Gm, Puri Mascarell, Raúl Molina, Guillermo Morales and Cristina García Pascual, as the office of the secretary, decided unanimously to grant the 17th Poetry Award César Simón to Sergio Adillo's work "in view of its quality, originality and reflective depth. A perfect, lively, modern, organic and unpredictable book of poems that awakens imagination thanks to the fusion of learned references and a contemporary imagery, capable of bringing poetry closer to a wide range of readers". 

Sergio Adillo is an Extremaduran artist, researcher and educator with an international vocation. Doctor of Philology and Theatre at the Complutense University, he combines his teaching work with theatre writing and his career as an actor in several companies (Teatro de La Abadía, Nao d’Amores, La Máquina Real, Noctámbulo, Companhia de Almada, Teatro da Cornucópia, Teatro Nacional São João do Porto, Veneziainscena…). He is also part of the 'neofolk queer' duo called Trending Tipic. 'La posibilidad de convertir pirañas en peces inofensivos' is his first book of poetry. 

The Vice-Principal for Culture and Sport, through the Literature Lecture room, calls this prize with the aim of rewarding the best book of poems and promoting therefore poetic creation in Spanish and the spreading of works in a university context and among society in general. César Simón was a poet born in Valencia in 1932. He received a doctorate in Philosophy and Letters thanks to a PhD thesis about Juan Gil-Albert and he worked as a school director at Lluís Vives high school (Benetússer), a job that he combined for a while with teaching in the Department of Language Theory at the Universitat de València. Although chronologically he belongs to the 'post-war second generation', his poetry coincides with the generation of '70, decade in which most of his work appeared. 

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