The Science Area Employment Forum brings together technology, industry and health sectors

  • Fundació General UV
  • April 8th, 2022

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum of the Science Area of the Universitat de València took place last 7th April in lecture halls and common areas of the Burjassot Campus. The Faculties of Biological Sciences, Mathematics Sciences, Physics and Chemistry came together in this Forum that united the labour market and university world and brought together more than 35 companies in the areas of health, technology and industry, among other sectors.

The meeting was aimed at undergraduate and master's degree students in any scientific area, as well as their graduates. The Science Area Employment Forum started in the Faculty of Physics with the institutional opening and the inaugural conference by Damián Tormo, researcher and biologist at Columbus Venture Partners, and presented by Carmen Bañó, dean of the Faculty of Biology.

This was followed by the round table on professional experiences in the field of science, which was moderated by Begoña Milian, Vice-dean of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Chemistry, and included presentations by María Luisa Castaño, collaborator at the Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research, Vicent Botella, physicist, Rubén Costa, chemist, and Marta R. Hidalgo, mathematician.

Job offers specialised in science
From midday onwards, in the common areas of the Burjassot Campus, opposite the cafeteria, there was a face-to-face meeting with more than 35 organisations and companies from various sectors such as technology, industry and health, among others. Students were able to interact directly at the various stands of the entities to learn about the different job opportunities available to them.

In the afternoon, there was a discussion focused on entrepreneurship, with the participation of Luis Martínez, professor of the Faculty of Biology and coordinator of the MOTIVEM programme, Encarna Mazón, director of the Chair of Entrepreneurial Culture, and Lola Garzón, academic director of UVentrepreneurship.

The Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum is an initiative of UVjob, organised through the Vice-principal for Employment and Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the participating centres and faculties, and its main objective is to promote the employability of future graduates of the Universitat de València.

UVjob is the service of the Universitat de València for the employment of students and graduates of the UV, as well as mediator for new job opportunities. Its team offers guidance and counselling services, training in job search techniques and comprehensive training, and additionally provides the university community with a job portal that gives access to multiple job offers in a directory with more than 1,500 registered organisations.

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