Publicacions de la Universitat de València presents the book that reviews its centenary of existence

  • Publications Service
  • March 4th, 2022
Imatge del llibre commemoratiu.
Imatge del llibre commemoratiu.

On Wednesday 9th March, in the Sala de la Muralla of the Principal Peset Hall of Resience, there will be a presentation of the work “Cent anys fent llibres. La trajectòria d'una editorial universitària”, a commemorative work of the centenary of Publicacions de la Universitat de València edited by Maite Simón, which reviews the history of PUV from 1920, the year in which Anales de la Universidad de Valencia was published, to the present day.

María Vicenta Mestre, principal of the Universitat de València; Ester Alba, vice-principal of Culture and Sports of the Universitat de València; Teresa Ferrer, director of PUV; Antoni Furió, full university professor of Medieval History at the Universitat de València and director of PUV between 1997 and 2010 and Maite Simón, chief editor of PUV and book’s editor, will take part in the presentation ceremony.

The publication is conceived as a global work that helps to make university publishing visible from different perspectives, while presenting an exhaustive and documented study of the historical relationship between universities and academic books by Antoni Furió.

In the book pages, we also find references to the task of proofreading, to how the publishing house catalogue is created, to the work of co-publishing with other university publishers, to electronic publications, to editorial management or to inter-university sectorial alliances and trade associations in the book sector, written by current members of the PUV team and by former employees and collaborators of the Universitat de València publishing house.

In order to attend as a member of the public, prior confirmation of attendance is required via the following link: