The Prospect Chair launches a webinar on the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • September 23rd, 2021

The ProspectCV 2030 Chair, dependent on the Presidency of the Valencian Government and the Interuniversity Institute for Local Development (IIDL) of the University of Valencia, organises the seminar “Artificial Intelligence and humanity: condemned to understand each other” that will take place virtually next Thursday September 23 at 9 a.m.

If there is a technology that has exponential growth, it is artificial intelligence: it impacts industry, economy, society, politics and, in general, all areas related to humanity. Its importance and impact grow every day, as well as the challenges posed about its use. It is necessary to reconsider its use, but its usefulness is so great that it is necessary to establish solutions to its problems. As the title of the seminar reads, humanity and artificial intelligence are condemned to understand each other! We must find a way to fit the predictions made by these systems in all those situations that may have an impact on people and resources, human rights, the granting of credits or judicial decisions, without this implying giving up on its use.

This webinar will present opinions, ideas and, above all, facts about the legal and ethical aspects of this technology, new professional associations, the battle between the great powers, new applications and false myths, among other matters.

The ProspectCV 2030 Chair ( aims to better understand the nature of the ongoing processes in certain essential thematic areas such as population aging, the climate crisis or policies against depopulation, better understand their effects, knowing how to deal with its consequences through comparative analysis and good knowledge of success stories, especially at the regional and local level, and making the best possible verified information available to public and private actors.


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