The programme ‘Awareness on social economics and cooperative movement’ is working

  • April 26th, 2017
Jornades Sensibilitzacio en Economia Social i Cooperativisme

The Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation of the Universitat de València, with the collaboration of Caixa Popular, has organised this conference that is held in Almussafes (25 April), Carcaixent (16 May) and Riba-Roja de Túria (30 May). The aim is to analyse the benefits of the cooperatives at local level and the employment prospects that produce. The first session has been held this Tuesday in Almussafes.

Professor Jesús Olavarría Iglesia (Department of Mercantile Law. IUDESCOOP), is the coordinator of this training programme composed of three sessions that have in common the analysis of the benefits provided by the social firms due to the enforcement of their policies by the local governments, as well as the different formula that they can use for the direct or indirect management of local services by Social Firms. They also could boost the self-employment or favour the social and labour insertion.

The first session has taken place in the Cultural Centre of Almussafes on 25 April. It is followed by two more sessions in Carcaixent (16 May) and Riba-Roja de Túria (30 May). In the three sessions, the programme is based on a round table which is moderated by Professor Jesús Olavarría (Department of Mercantile Law. IUDESCOOP), and two presenters of the Universitat de València take part. The presenters are Gemma Fajardo García (Department of Mercantile Law. IUDESCOOP), who focuses her speech in the subject of social economy enterprises and their basic characteristics; and Federico López Mora (Department of Labour and Social Security Law), who will talk about the relationship between social economy enterprises and the employment. 

The coordinator of the programme, Jesús Olavarría has stated that these sessions are free and open to the public: “they are especially addressed to people who are thinking about setting up a company or municipal technicians of employment. But, generally they can be useful for those who are interested in knowing the functioning of the cooperatives and social enterprises”.  The objective of this symposium is to make the local society aware of the benefits of the cooperatives and other firms contemplated in the Social Economy Law. According to Olavarría, “this type of enterprises seem to be the most appropriate to provide local services, as well as to promote the employment in the territory”.

This series of conferences is the result of the framework cooperation agreement signed in 2015 between the Universitat de València and the banking entity Caixa Popular-Caixa Rural C.C.V., with the format Chair, with the aim of establishing a frame of action for the cooperation between both institutions in specialised training activities, applied investigation and universal training through the Office of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation.