Professor Francisco Fuster wins the ‘Antonio Domínguez Ortiz’ prize for a biography of Julio Camba

  • Press Office
  • April 27th, 2022
Francisco Fuster.
Francisco Fuster.

Francisco Fuster, professor of Contemporary History at the Universitat de València, is the winner of the ‘Antonio Domínguez Ortiz’ prize for a biography of the Galician journalist Julio Camba. The prize, worth 4,000 euros and the publication of the work, is awarded by the José Manuel Lara Foundation (part of the Planeta group) and the Cajasol Foundation.

Julio Camba. Una lección de periodismo.

(Spanish for Julio Camba. A lesson in journalism) is the title of Fuster’s work. The jury highlighted: “This is a brief but enlightening approach to the figure of the great Galician journalist by one of the best connoisseurs of his work, rightly vindicated in recent decades for his lucidity, his sense of humour and his concise and elegant writing”.

Francisco Fuster has participated in several R&D research projects and has spent time at prestigious centres such as the Complutense University of Madrid, the Ortega y Gasset Foundation in Buenos Aires, the École des Hautes Études in Sciencies Sociales in Paris, the Spanish School of History and Archaeology of the CSIC in Rome, the University of Tel Aviv and Queen Mary University of London.

Fuster is a member of several research groups, and his main line of research focuses of the history of Spanish culture in the 20th century, with special interest in the period known as the Silver Age (1900-1936). His latest books are Aire de familia: historia íntima de los Baroja (Spanish for The intimate history of the Baroja family) (Cátedra, 2018), Baroja en París: Guerra Civil y exilio (1936-1940) (Spanish for Baroja in Paris: Civil War and Exile) (Marcial Pons, 2019) and Introducción a la Historia (Spanish for Introduction to History) (Cátedra, 2020). He is currently working on a biography of the writer José Martínez Ruiz (Azorín).

Julio Cambia (Vilanova de Arousa, 1884 - Madrid, 1962), is one of the best Spanish columnists of the 20th century and an important foreign correspondent. According to Francisco Fuster, “despite this certainty, his elusive and reserved character has prevented us from gaining access to the intimacy of his person: to that perishable ego that he himself strove to hide under the mask of his well-know persona”.

The award-winning biography aims “not only to reconstruct Camba’s life through an agile, fluid and documented account, but also to pay tribute to perhaps the best generation of journalists our country has ever produced”.

The awarded work will be published in autumn 2022.