Professor Enrique Herreras wins the Valencian Literary Critics' Award on the Essay and Criticism category

  • Press Office
  • May 23rd, 2022
Enrique Herreras
Enrique Herreras

Philosophy professor Enrique Herreras has received the XLI Valencian Literary Critics' Awards on the Essay and Criticism category for his book ‘Lo que la posverdad esconde. Medios de comunicación y crisis de la democracia’ (What post-truth hides. Media and crisis of the democracy).

The results of the awards, organised by the Valencian Association of Writers and Literary Critics (CLAVE), have been made public this Saturday, 21st of May at the Rambleta. Lola Mascarell, José Iniesta and Paco Romeo have received the awards on the Narrative, Poetry and Dramatic Literature categories, respectively. Furthermore, Manuel Molins’ labour on theatre has been recognised with a Special Award for his literary career.

The essay written by Herreras that has won the Critics' Award 2022 is entitled ‘Lo que la posverdad esconde’ and was published by MRA Editions last year. The jury has highlighted that this work is “a lucid reflection on philosophy and ethics, written with an educational style, which claims critical thinking as a necessary tool to prevent lies from being normalised and endangering the coexistence and future of the democracy.”

The organisation of the awards includes two professors from the Universitat de València. The awards are leaded by critic José Vicente Peiró, former professor of the Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication; and Elia Saneleuterio Temporal, professor of the Faculty of Teacher Training, acts as a secretary.

Some of the professors of the Universitat de València who have previously won the Valencian Literary Critics’ Award are Isabel Burdiel, Adela Cortina, Elia Saneleuterio Temporal, Xelo Candel, Pedro J. De la Peña, Jenaro Talens, Arcadio López-Casanova, Antonio Ariño, Jaime Siles and Josep Lluís Sirera.