Professor Antoni Furió, prize-winner of the Miquelet d'Honor award

  • Press Office
  • November 27th, 2020
Antoni Furió.
Antoni Furió.

Antoni Furió, Professor of Medieval History at the Universitat de València, and the Teatre Micalet company are the prize-winners of the 2020 Miquelet d'Honor award. The awards recognize the civic engagement and the defence of the culture, the language and rights as a part of the Valencian people. The awards ceremony will take place during a gala at the headquarters of the musical society this Saturday (28 November) at 7:30 pm.

Antoni Furió is the editor of the review 'L'Espill' and he is also a member of the advisory or editorial board of renowned national and international journals. His research and professional work has focused on the history of the Middle Ages and on the study and spreading of Joan Fuster's work. 

He has developed lines of research focused on the economic and social history. As for this subject, he has written books such as 'Camperols del País Valencià' or 'València, un mercat medieval; en les finances i la fiscalitat'. He has also studied the connection between war, public debt and state-building, an issue that he tackled as a President of La Veu del Regne congress, which was held in 2018 on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Valencian government and in which more than 180 researchers from all over the world participated. 

With regard to Fuster, he published the 'Àlbum Fuster' in 1995, a biographical approach in images; he is working together with Josep Palàcios on the edition of the writer's Complete Works: two volumes have already been published, two of them will be published in 2021 and the last two will see the light in 2022, one hundred years after Fuster's birth; he is editing the work 'Correspondència de Joan Fuster', of which fifteen volumes have already appeared; and he is preparing a book about his biography as well. 

Teatre Micalet Company is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020 with several works such as a new version by Manuel Molins of 'El jardí dels cirerers' (The Cherry Orchard), by Anton Txèkhov; ‘El Malfet d’Inishmaan’ (The Cripple of Inishmaan), by Martin McDonagh, and ‘Nadal a casa els Cupiello’ (Christmas at Cupiello's home), by Eduardo de Filippo. All of them have been acclaimed by the audience and the critics. Over the years, its presence in Valencia's stage has been very noticeable, offering numerous productions. 

The Micalet theatre, located at the headquarters of the choral society, is managed by the Teatre Micalet company, which was founded by Pilar Almería, Joan Peris and Ximo Solano. In 1995, the Choral Society 'el Micalet' supported the project to develop a production and exhibition centre capable of offering a stable programme in Valencian. 

A concert by the Giner Choir 

The Salvador Giner Choir of el Micalet Choral Society will offer at the gala, conducted by Víctor Benavides, a concert and a performance in which audience will have the chance to listen to some of the best songs of Lluís Llach. He is paid a tribute by four voices accompanied by piano, percussion and accordion which, along with the young actress Talia Bohoyo, will lead the audience through the oneiric, sentimental and protest singer's world. 

The 'Petjades de Lluís' programme, run by Miquel Juan and by the Joanvi Cubedo's stage direction, will be premiered next Saturday and will bring the Miquelets d'Honor awards ceremony to a close. At the function, Emili Mira will be awarded with the Micalet's gold badge as a recognition of its 50 years as a member.  

The Giner Choir will also offer this concert at the Centre del Carmen Cultura Contemporània on the Sunday 6 December at 12 pm.