The Principal Peset Hall of Residence hosts two exhibitions of the first ValenciaPhoto International Photography and Debate Festival

  • Press Office
  • September 16th, 2022
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The Muralla Room of the Principal Peset Hall of Residence houses works by Miguel Ángel López-Egea and Irene Mohedano. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 16th September at 12:30 by Ester Alba, Vice-Principal for Culture and Society of the Universitat de València; Nicolás Llorens, director of ValenciaPhoto; Irene Mohedano, multidisciplinary artist; Francesc Vera, curator of the exhibition; and Carles Xavier López, director of the Principal Peset Hall of Residence.

ValenciaPhoto, created and organised by the International School of Photography Espacio de arte fotográfico, is the first International Festival of Photography and Debate in Valencia. A meeting place for photography professionals, curators, theorists of the image and aesthetics, historians, gallery owners and other professionals. Ofrece mediante la imagen, diferentes puntos de vista y maneras de comprender un mundo en constante movimiento.

Tradición y modernidad en la mirada de López-Egea houses the photographs of Miguel Ángel López-Egea (1906-2002). Born in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, he moved to Valencia where, at the age of twelve, he started working in a photographic establishment. According to Francesc Vera, curator of the exhibition, his most important photographic work is probably his work from the 1940s onwards, when he focused his attention on rice cultivation and other agricultural activities such as tobacco growing and sultana making.

Reaccionar. Reconstruir. Repensar hosts works by Irene Mohedano (Madrid, 1990), a multidisciplinary artist who has developed her career between Madrid and New York. Her work explores the boundaries between the photographic and the sculptural and encourages us to rethink our relationship with common space. Through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, she dissects and reworks each point of view, each plan, each perspective of the original registers, as in an exercise of archaeology of contemporary space. This three-dimensional study functions as an attempt at visibilisation that invites us to question the function and conditioned relationships that we develop in everyday space.

Two totally different exhibitions, two ways of understanding photography, López-Egea as a testimonial document, Irene Mohedano fusing photography with other artistic techniques, where the image per se does not have to be the most important part of it.