The presentation of the session “Historical Valencian orchards: living heritage of humanity” is today at La Nau

  • UV General Foundation
  • May 9th, 2018
Riurau en Potries.
Riurau en Potries.

On Wednesday 9 of May, the Cultural Centre La Nau will hold at the Main Hall of the Cultural Centre La Nau at 12 p.m. the presentation of a session addressing the historical Valencian plain. The session will take place in Potries in June. Apart from the institutional act, the event will include a conference given by Antoni Furió, professor of Medieval History. Entrance is free but there is a limited capacity.

The session “Historical Valencian orchards: living heritage of humanity” will take place on June 15 and 16. It aims to stablish an open forum for reflection, debate, research and dissemination of the cultural and natural heritage of the historical orchards of the Valencian Community.

On Wednesday 9 of May, the Main Hall of La Nau will hold the public presentation of this session at 12 p.m. The event will count with the participation of the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, Jorge Hermosilla; the Regional Secretary for Culture and Sport, Albert Girona; the Mayor of Potries, Assumpta Domínguez; the Vice-president of the Valencian Provincial Council, Maria Josep Amigó; and the Director of the International Centre of Gandia of the Universitat de València, J. Emili Aura.

Following the presentation of the session, there will be a conference on “the creation of Valencian historical orchards”. It will be taught by Antoni Furió, a professor in Medieval History of the Universitat de València. Furió will be introduced by Luis Pablo Martínez, a representative of the Dirección General de Cultura y Patrimonio.

Session for heritage preservation
The session will take place in Potries on 15 and 16 of June. It aims to make people aware of its values, the identification of risks that menace its survival and the search of an agreed solution to ensure its transmission to future generations.

Traditional irrigation systems have an enormous patrimonial, cultural and natural value. They offer very useful social, economic, cultural, landscape and environmental services to the communities. Present and future preservation of historical orchards and fertile plains are the key to keep the identity, cohesion and food security of the population; as well as a healthy environment for biodiversity and agrodiversity.

The session is complemented with a series of talks and panels of discussion, in which experts of all areas of knowledge will participate. Social action related to the historical values of the orchards, aiming to represent the whole Valencian territory, will take place as well. The programme is complemented with a visit to the traditional irrigation systems of La Safor. It is a magnificent example of the historical irrigation systems: irrigation canals.

The meeting aims to become a reference spot for researchers, irrigators, politicians, educative centres, associations and the citizenship in general. In this way, they will promote the preservation and the value of the material and immaterial heritage related to the water flowing through the historical irrigation canals and plains irrigated by them.

The session coincides with the European Cultural Heritage Year and the fact that Potries is the capital of culture.

Registration will be soon available at the website of the International Centre of Gandia.