Outcome of the 5th Universia Rectors’ Summit: The 'Valencia Declaration'

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  • May 19th, 2023
The ‘Valencia Declaration', result of the 5th Universia Rectors’ Summit

The largest international meeting of rectors from all over the world ended on 10 May in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, making our city the world capital of universities.

It was attended by 40 panelists in 9 panels that developed the 3 academic axes of the meeting. The event was attended by more than 700 rectors from 14 different countries, as well as 58 students of different nationalities selected through the 'Young Leaders' programme of Santander Universities and the University of Valencia. The Universia International Rectors’ Summit concluded on 10 May.

You can access a video summary of the 5th Summit on this link: https://youtu.be/0AYzar5n4w4

The conclusions of the summit were set out in the Valencia Declaration, which identified various areas of action where the university can develop proposals of value to contribute to a more sustainable social and economic progress of society through education, research and innovation.

This declaration was presented by the president of the Summit’s Academic Commitee and principal of the University of Valencia, Mª Vicenta Mestre.

The Valencia Declaration consists of 7 commitments for the progress of society through the activity of the universities. You can access a summary of the complete declaration on this link: https://links.uv.es/mnZk0CM, and you can access the full text of the Valencia Declaration by clicking here: https://links.uv.es/i81NutM

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