The Orquestra de la Universitat and the Valencian flutist Amalia Tortajada inaugurate the academic year with the traditional opening concert

  • Fundació General UV
  • October 14th, 2019
Opening concert 2019-2020.
Opening concert 2019-2020.

Tuesday, 15th October, the Universitat de València is holding its traditional opening concert, which this year will take place at the Teatro Olympia in València, performed by the Orquestra Filharmònica de la Universitat, under the baton of Beatriz Fernández Aucejo, and the Valencian flutist Amalia Tortajada, as a soloist. The repertoire (Debussy, Mozart and Schumann) will help the attendees to travel across time through the main musical styles of the last three centuries.

With this concert, the Universitat de València will open the 2019-2020 academic year and the event, which will begin at 7:30 p.m., will be attended by the Principal, Mavi Mestre. Access for the public will be by invitation (for free), which can be picked up at the Teatro Olympia ticket office one hour before the start of the event.

The concert, which will give special prominence to wind instruments and symphonism, is divided into two parts. The first with the transverse flute as the central instrument and a minor symphonic intervention, and the second with the participation of the entire Orquestra valenciana (Valencian orchestra).

Thus, the show will open with C. Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, "a symphonic piece that features the leading role of the transverse flute", points out Fernández Aucejo, and which is representative of the impressionist style of the late 19th century. As the French composer himself acknowledged, this is a work inspired by Mallarmé's beautiful poetry, suggesting a "sonorous landscape" reminiscent of Greek antiquity, nature and mythological beings such as nymphs, fauns and naiads, characteristics of literary eclogues.

In this first part, Fernández Aucejo will take a leap back and delve into the 18th century classicism, led by Mozart, with Flute Concerto and Orchestra No. 1 in G major, K313. "I want the Orquestra to show on stage the ability to combine, put into practice and reflect the main characteristics in the interpretation of the styles we dealt with during the training rehearsals, which is why I have chosen a repertoire that includes impressionism, classicism and even romanticism", says the lead conductor.

In this piece the intervention of the Valencian Amalia Tortajada, flute of the Gulbenkian Orchestra of Lisbon since 2012 and ex-member of the Orquestra Filharmònica de la Universitat will be highlighted. "I will perform the Flute Concerto and Orchestra in G major, one of the most significant for flute repertoires and, therefore, it will be a challenge, because, in addition, I will play again at home and with the Orquestra de la Universitat, where I was formed along with Beatriz Fernández, colleague and friend", says the flutist born in Buñol.

As for the romanticism that the Orquestra will perform in the concert, it will be in the second part through Symphony No. 1(Spring) in B -flat major, op. 38 by Robert Schumann, the first of the four symphonies that the German composer composed in the first half of the 19th century. Perhaps it is the most traditional symphony and, therefore, the one with the least originality. However, "it is the first time that Schumann delves into symphonism and does so inspired – we see it again – through poetry, according to some theories (others claim that Schumann's inspiration are other productions for voice and piano)", points out Beatriz Fernández. In fact, the title of this Symphony, Spring, is due to the poem by the German Adolf Böttger. In any case, it is a piece interpreted with an optimistic tone and a classic romantic structure that will highlight the interpretative capacity at a hundred per cent of the orchestral ensemble.

It is, in short, "a very particular repertoire that requires great musical skill to completely change the interpretative articulation in each movement, in each piece, and in such a short interval of time", says the lead conductor, who presents herself “very excited” before her second opening concert of the academic year after a year at the head of the Filharmònica valenciana (it must be highlighted that Beatriz Fernández Aucejo is the first female lead conductor of a Spanish university orchestra). "During last year's concert I was in a moment of adaptation, I was landing and I was very excited, but this year everything is more immense, because it is a challenge to continue doing things the way they should be done to maintain the success of the Orquestra Filharmònica de la Universitat de València (Universitat de València Philharmonic Orchestra). A success that we will celebrate next year on the 25th anniversary of its foundation with a programme that will include new academic content: attractive for education and which, moreover, respond to the demands of the Valencian audience".

The opening course concert of the Orquestra de la Universitat will be performed again throughout the week in Gandia, at the Teatro Serrano, on Thursday 17th October at 7:30 p.m., and is included, on the other hand, in the autumn programme of the Llíria Town Hall, where it will take place on Saturday 19th October.

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