Open registration for the second edition of the Specialisation Diploma in Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

  • UVGandia
  • May 11st, 2022
Picture of a tree.
Picture of a tree.

Registration for the new edition of this diploma, held at the International Centre of Gandia both online and on-site, is now open. This is the only postgraduate course in the Valencian Community entirely dedicated to the study, diagnosis and design of strategies related to the fight against climate change.

The aim of this postgraduate course is to train students to develop the most demanded professional profiles in the design of strategies against climate change. The teaching plan is completely multidisciplinary and, in this sense, it is aimed at graduates in Environmental Sciences, Tourism, Geography, Rural and Forestry Engineering, Biology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Business Administration and Management, Architecture and other related disciplines. The diploma is also oriented to professionals working in different areas related to sustainability, both in public administration and in private enterprise and civil society associations, who want to acquire specific knowledge and skills or update their competences on climate change and sustainability, or others who want to start in this field of specialisation.

For this reason, this specialisation diploma was born last year with the aim of training professionals and experts in basic knowledge on environmental sustainability and climate change, focusing on both urban territories and rural areas and paying special attention to the Mediterranean environment. Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing the present and future of humanity and has lately been overshadowed by the COVID-19 crisis, although we know there are multiple links between pandemics and climate change. Thus, this postgraduate course stresses the need for changes in modes of production and consumption towards sustainable alternatives that challenge capitalism as a hegemonic socio-cultural and economic system.

The degree will be 30-ECTS long, will be taught from October 2022 to July 2023 and will have a hybrid format: the learning methodology will combine face-to-face and virtual activities. The on-site teaching will be given at the Universitat de València headquarters in Gandia, while the online teaching will be given through the Virtual Classroom, where documentary and audiovisual materials will be shared with the students, and through Blackboard Collaborate, specially through videoconferences, forums and chat rooms. In any case, the whole course can be taken online for those who wish so.

This will be the second edition of this postgraduate course offered by the Universitat de València, which is the first degree entirely dedicated to the study, diagnosis and design of strategies related to the fight against climate change. Thus, this diploma is essential to extend the training offered by the academic institution in response to the demands and evolution of society. It works in conjunction with the City Halls of Gandia, Potries and the grouping of municipalities of Safor, and entities and associations in the field of sustainability and environment.

You can refer to all the information and the course guide on the postgraduate degree website. You can contact this e-mail for any question or request of information:

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