New websites to access the Universitat’s degrees

  • Office of the Principal
  • June 16th, 2022
New websites to access the Universitat’s degrees

These websites become the digital gateway to the Universitat for future students, providing them with information of interest about the studies offered by the UV, as well as the process of access to undergraduate studies.

The Universitat de València has launched three websites:, and They contain all the information related to the undergraduate studies offered by the Universitat, the process of access through the PAU (university entrance examinations) and the university entrance application.

The websites are designed with the landing page format, that is, all information can be accessed in the same page by scrolling, making the search of information easier and adapting to the new habits in the web and digital navigation. Furthermore, the websites are interconnected in a way that one can be accessed from the other, emulating the way the phases of this process work.  

The project, developed by the Web and Marketing Unit, is mainly aimed at future students of the Universitat and secondary and upper secondary school teachers.

This way, the degrees portal provides information about degrees and double degrees. The future students can learn about the characteristics of each degree, the professional profile developed in each one of them, the cut-off marks from previous years and the weighting of the general and elective core subjects in the PAU, among other information.

The PAU website provides students facing these examinations with all the needed information about the process. The university entrance marks, the structure of the exams, examples of exams from previous calls, the examination schedule with key dates and the location where students need to go to do the PAU are some of the details this website offers.

The pre-enrolment website offers information about this procedure, providing key dates, types of access according to where the future students come from (upper secondary school, education cycles, entrance examinations for students over 25, 40 or 45 or students with a university degree), pre-enrolment results and waiting list.

The Universitat will launch the fourth portal soon, regarding the enrolment process. This website will provide information about this process, including video tutorials that will guide users during the telematic enrolment process.