The National Seminar on Inclusive Sport is held on 23 and 24 February

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  • Cristina Soriano Cabellos
  • February 20th, 2023
Adapted athlete

This annual meeting between education, physical activity and sport professionals takes place these days in the facilities of the Blasco Ibáñez campus of the Universitat de València. Its aim is to debate and analyse current aspects that affect the development of inclusive sport.

The Universitat de València will host the 4th edition of the National Seminar on Inclusive Sport, which is organised annually in a different Spanish university. The papers and plenary sessions will take place in the assembly hall of the Faculty of Medicine, while the practical workshops will be held in the  UV sports facilities: University Sports Pavilion and outdoor courts.

The Principal of the Universitat de València, Mª Vicenta Mestre, will inaugurate the event on Thursday 23 February at 9:00 a.m. The seminar will start with the inaugural conference given by the Spanish athlete Maurice Far Eckhard, who competes in adapted cycling and won bronze at the London 2012 Paralympics. This will be followed by 4 round tables on the legislative and management aspects of sport for people with disabilities; the promotion of physical-sport activity for people with disabilities: synergies between professional fields; physical-sport activity and disability in the educational system; and physical-sport activities for people with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disorders.

On Friday 24, the day will start with practical workshops on goalball, wheelchair tennis, cycling, critical pretexts for inclusion in Physical Education, table tennis and inclusive chess and adaptive horse-riding. The session will continue with a round table discussion on experiences and good practices in adaptive and inclusive sport with the participation of athletes and specialists in adapted sport. Finally, the conclusions will be defined and the roadmap will be drawn up at the closing ceremony of the seminar.

The 4th National Seminar on Inclusive Sport aims to bring together a wide range of specialists in Adapted Physical Activity and Sport for People with Disabilities. It is aimed especially at officials and technicians from administrations, sports federations, foundations and associations, lecturers and students related to adapted physical activity, Paralympic sport or inclusive sport.

The main purpose of this seminar is to respond to the challenges related to the practice of sport by people with disabilities, in line with article 30.5 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which advocates “participating on an equal basis with others in recreational, leisure and sporting activities”.

This 4th Seminar is organised by the Universitat de València, through UVesports, with the sponsorship of the ONCE Foundation and Seguros RGA of Caixa Popular, with the collaboration of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, the Federation of Adapted Sport of the Valencian Community, Confedecom and COLEF CV.

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