Miguel Lorente presents a pioneer protocol against bullying in universities that will cover the non-reported cases

  • March 22nd, 2017
Miguel Lorente

Professor of Legal and Forensic Medicine and director of the Equality Unit of the University of Granada, Miguel Lorente, visits this Thursday at 18:30h the Universitat de València to present a pioneer protocol against bullying in universities. Professor Lorente will give the conference ‘Acoso en la universidad: ¿necesidad o amenaza?’ (‘Bullying in university: need or threat?’) at the Principal Peset Hall of Residence.

Professor Lorente will present the protocol that has approved the University of Granada and covers the sexual, work, psychologic harassment, cyber-bullying and discriminatory moral harassment, among others.

It is a prevention and action protocol against bullying that includes the creation of an Office for Harassment Prevention and Response and it will have the aim of facing the non-reported situations, approximately 99% of the total. The structure thought is similar in terms of format to the Harvard University, in the USA, which is an international reference in this subject and from now on becomes the unique university at the state level.

Lorente is one of the most important international experts in gender violence, and has been delegate of the government against gender violence. He is the author of ‘Los nuevos hombres nuevos’ (‘The new men new’), ‘Mi marido me pega lo normal’ (‘My husband hit me within the normal rage’) or ‘El rompecabezas. Anatomía del maltratador’ (‘The jigsaw puzzle. Anatomy of the abuser’), among others.

The ceremony will take place this Thursday, 23 March, at 18:30h at the Principal Peset Hall of Residence. It has been organised by the Equality Unit of the Universitat de València and the professor of the Faculty of Law, Elena Martínez.