Love, war and young people’s desires, main characters of the Escena Erasmus of the Universitat de València new show

  • Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society
  • June 1st, 2022
Presentation of the show at the Matilde Salvador Hall.
Presentation of the show at the Matilde Salvador Hall.

What do young people desire? The show of Escena Erasmus of the Universitat de València, ‘El desig de la joventut’ (Young people’s desire), which will be premiered on June 1st at La Nau Cultural Centre, will try to answer this and other questions coinciding with the European Year of Youth. The play will be performed at the Matilde Salvador Hall from June 1st to June 3rd, at 7 PM.

This new show has been presented at a press conference held this morning at La Nau, where Vice-Principals of the Universitat de València Estar Alba (Culture and Society) and Carles Padilla (Internationalisation and Multilingualism); the deputy for Culture of the Valencian Provincial Council, Xavier Rius; and the director of the show and co-director of the Escena Erasmus project, Josep Valero, have intervened.

‘El desig de la joventut’ is a tender, fun and inspiring show about the yearnings of European young people. In the year of a European war, the Escena Erasmus show addresses topics like virtual dependence, climate change or the political involvement of younger generations, as well as reflecting on the way we understand sexuality. All from the dialogue between young people and playwrights who have just lost their youth. Besides, this year’s tour ‘Las Pequeñas Europas’ (The little Europes) has been announced, a tour that will take this show across more than fifteen Valencian villages and that is performed by nine actors and actresses from six different European nationalities.

What do young people desire? What do they expect from the future? What do they think about war? The show reflects on these questions through the testimonies of former Escena Erasmus students from Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe countries who show their opinion on the conflict with the objective of bringing the elixir of eternal youth to the Valencian villages and toasting for peace.

‘Las Pequeñas Europas’ is a touring stage project promoted by the Culture Area of the Valencian Provincial Council that reflects the nomadic spirit of theatre and performances in villages, with the active participation of local students and students welcomed by the Universitat de València in the Erasmus+ programme. The philosophy of this initiative is to establish a bridge of dialogue, coexistence and collaboration between a group of young Europeans and the social and cultural life of the villages they visit, not only to revitalise it, but to offer possibilities for growth through the reflexion on the role of culture. ‘El desig de la joventud’ will visit El Genovés on June 4th; Alpuente, on June 10th; Calles, on June 11th; Aldaia, on June 14th; Faura, on June 17th; Polinyà del Xúquer, on June 24th; Ontinyent, on June 29th; Palmera, on July 2nd; El Puig, on July 3rd; Llíria, on July 6th; Alzira, on July 8th; Macastre, on July 10th; Gandia, on July 14th; Benigànim, on July 15th, and Bellreguard, on July 21st.

‘El desig de la joventud’ is directed by Josep Valero and written by the other directors of the Escena Erasmus project, Daniel Tormo and Anna Marí, as well as Maribel Bayona, Guada Sáez and Mohamed Dourasse.

Escena Erasmus is a European drama project created and directed by CRIT Theatre Company and promoted and funded by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Society and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Internationalisation and Multilingualism of the Universitat de València. It is sponsored by the Councillorship of Tourism and internationalisation of the Valencia City Council and works in conjunction with the SGAE Foundation. Escena Erasmus has received the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2011 by the European Parliament; the Young Talent Award 2018 by CaixaBank and Levante-EMV; the Honourable Mention for the promotion of cultural patrimony by PEARLE; the AVETID Award 2019; the ‘Lluís Vives’ Honour 2021 for the Valencian contribution to the European construction by the Council of the Valencian government; and the ‘Día de Europa 2022’ honour by the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community.

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